German Riesling Tastings @ Les Amis

11th May 2010

This is my first tastings in Les Amis with Timothy Goh, Maitre D/ Chef Sommelier and his team at the Les Amis Group of Restaurants.

*This is of my personal tasting and safekeeping of the experience i had and is not suppose to be of the use of business purposes or any other personal gains.

Just a brief History of the Winery “DONNHOFF”– Extracted from Tasting Notes

  • One of the World’s most sought- after wine producers
  • Some of the best dry Rieslings in the World
  • Served at the highly acclaimed 3- michelin stars elBulli restaurant in Spain
  • Member of VDP (Assosciation of top- quality German wine estates

“These are some of the most justifiably fashionable and hardest- to- find Rieslings in the Wine World….” The World’s Greatest Wine Estates by Robert Parker

Presenting to you the first 3 btls of Wine we had…

2008 Donnhoff Riesling Trocken


  • Pale- Yellow


  • Explosive flavours of Fruits
  • Fresh cutted apples
  • lime, hint of lemon
  • soft balance of minerality


  • lime
  • acidity level is relatively balanced
  • spritz (like a lemonade)

Recommended to go with Pre- Dinner Tapas:)

2008 Donnhoff Tonschiefer Trocken


  • Pale- Yellow


  • Flavours are not yet open, feels relatively thick
  • Damp Cloth ( Minerality)
  • Grapefruit


  • Rounder
  • Medium- full
  • Complex (lots of actions going on in the mouth)
  • Level of acidity is mid

I reckon it could hold for a little longer or probably one could try to decant it a little


  • Great hold, firm finish
  • not too harsh, gives it a good memory for an end

2008 Donhoff Hemannshole GG


  • Pale- Yellow


  • Lime
  • Metal/ Steel
  • Cut Grass
  • Apricot


  • Apricot
  • zesty
  • mild- acidic
  • a little herbal character


  • Light and gentle finish
  • Not too harsh
  • leaves you a little herbacious essence

Coming Next on the list, we have…….


  • Established since 1349
  • Award- winning German Riesling Producer
  • Highly- rated by Wine professionals
  • Served on SIA First Class
  • Served at Gordon Ramsay and The Fat Duck – 3- Michelin Restaurants)
  • Member of VDP

STAY TUNED………………..

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