A date @ Maison Ikkoku

Maison Ikkoku, a place Mich mentioned over and over again but we never had the chance to visit it since it opened… but well, today we did!

So we kinda bus down from Chinatown since we don’t really trust the trains in Singapore now (Sorry Must Repair Train – SMRT), so yeah, alighted at the Sultan’s Mosque and took a 5 minute walk down to 20 Kandahar Street, a place of its own, or like what they described “A lifestyle boutique combining mid-high end international menswear retail, a café centered on quality coffee and the perfect semi-alfresco cocktail” BEAUTIFUL!
I mean it! Rustic designs that reminds you of how warm a house can get with that element of minimalist effects, i love it!

So Mich and i ordered a plate of ROAST BEEF STRIPLOIN & HORSERADISH which worked so well with a little additional hints of Wasabi inside and their generous portions of fresh greens! Along with the Cafe Latte and Flat White Mich and i ordered, HEAVEN!

We then went ahead to visit their Boutique which consist of mainly male fashion (Sorry Ladies, now it’s some stuff for your male counterparts) after a few hours of working in the cafe using their ever so quick WIRELESS (FRee!!) and guess what, i was dressed so poorly today with just a Polo Shirt and a tailored Jeans with my Birk’s…. How bad can i go right?! But yeah, i had to compliment FAHMI ISHAK, the Retail Manager @ the Boutique, he greeted us with so much passion and didn’t care my uncle- liked style when i went into the store when he went on explaining the labels they carry and even a brief story of their products and Origins. I’m impressed by their customer service and from someone who was in the trade for 11 years, GODDAMN

IT! Maison Ikkoku really made it! I’ll definitely visit you again!

MOST IMPORTANTLY, you made the coffee so beautifully without burning the milk which many other coffee joints have to learn from! Great job there Maison Ikkoku!

Check them out:

20 Kandahar Street Singapore 198885
T: +65 6294 0078

or Visit their Website at: http://www.maison-ikkoku.net/


2 responses to “A date @ Maison Ikkoku

  1. Thanks for following! Glad to see a fellow blogger posting about local finds. Maison ikkoku is definitely on my list of go-tos in the future!

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