A Director’s Story to a Perfect Job, Perfect Life


Driving up and down the city, heading from places to places with his Black Beemer, you’ll never miss this successful Entrepreneur at any pubs, cafes, wine bars or coffee joints around town.

Yes, he’s Mr. William, the Director and one of the three owners of Envision Education. Today, BURPZ had an opportunity to meet- up with him over drinks at Bar on 5 at Mandarin Orchard, to learn about his success story.

Mr. William, an Automotive Engineering Graduate from the National University of Singapore started his journey in the financial sector shortly after he graduated, something many of his friends and classmates discouraged him to do so, especially with little or no experience, however, barely 5 years into the industry, he now manages his own agency and is also a Director in Envision Education.

Talk about people who do not pursue a similar interest of studies when it comes to career, Mr William fits the bill totally. 5 years ago, Mr William was just like any other fresh Grads out of University with nothing but a piece of “paper” that allows him to apply for an Engineering job, but he choose otherwise. He decided to join a financial institute and started his journey in the financial sector at the most junior positions when he had to stand under the scorching hot sun to give out leaflets, flyers and conduct road- shows to earn the monthly salary of $1XXX. Many at times, he was at the brink of giving up and go back to engineering, or something he was more comfortable with, nevertheless, he didn’t allow that little setback to take over him, biting onto his last bullet, he held on to his job in the financial institute and after months of practicing, persistency and learning from his mentors, he managed to achieve some decent sales, rose to the management level, and the rest he said were history.

However, soon he felt that something should be done for the industry in order to groom more talents and share the idea of wealth management, communications and setting the right mindset. Hence, Envision Education was set- up in 2009 with an aim to allow individuals to easily access avenues to explore new areas of interest and gratify the insatiable appetite for knowledge. Since then, Envision has been making waves all across various schools, universities and organizations to give talks through interactive workshops and speeches.

Today, smartly dressed in his tailored shirt, pants and a neatly combed hair, he looks confident, decisive, firm, but yet approachable. He regards his success to his love of entrepreneurship and networking, most importantly, he has this to say to the potential entrepreneurs, “read more, practice more and never stop learning”- (he loves reading)

BURPZ would like to extend our gratitude to Mr. William for taking time off to speak with us and we wish him all the success in his businesses!

* For more information of Envision Education, please click HERE


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