A night of Gathering with the Hospitality Trade:)

Yeah, it’s a monthly event we do in the past, but the group of us haven’t met for about 4 months, especially when some of the members  left for overseas to continue their education, some committed with work and of course the others, busy with their private life.

Nevertheless, last night was indeed an experience with Restaurant Owners, Sommeliers, Air Crew, Students, Marketing Managers, Wine Suppliers, People’s Association’s Manager, you name it, we kinda have it!

Supposedly started at 6pm, but many of us were late because of work/ school commitments, i’m just glad everyone was there except Dylan who’s now studying overseas and Dennis who is out of town, still, we had a wonderful night with Prosecco, Champagne, some Whites and a couple of Reds. Oh yeah! Not forgetting the food we had, Akashi’s Sushi platter from our dearest owner of Akashi’s Group and lots of warm hospitality!

So the night started with plenty of topics on the table (what we always do) conversations about wines, our career, updating each other about our life, some soon- to- be married and debating where the good guys are. It was one night with too much to drink, more then enough to eat and mind- blowing conversations! * I guessed the alcohol kicked in to much! lol!

How i missed such times honestly, to a certain extend, these friends really made me who i am today from what i was before. Friends are indeed important, and who you mix with would inevitably groom you to who you’ll be in the future isn’t it?!

Times like these, i kinda missed my time working in Operations with the Les Amis Group… though a 1 month has passed since i left them, but i’m glad my ex- colleagues and i still meet up regularly to talk about the trade and of course, Les Amis:) I’m glad they’re moving forward and i wish them all the success!

@ Dr N. K. Yong’s Celebration 85 in Capella, Sentosa

Hola, time for me to recover from the dehydration and the alcohol hangover, have a great SUNDAY people!


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