Running in my suit!

now, I have to be a slut here and complain! what is the reason that I can’t find a single printing shop that allows me to print from my email?? is there a reason for it?!

so I came out of home, well prepared for a business talk (apparently not) and I realized that I had an error in my document that I had to submit later, and thus, since I’m early, I decided to look for a place in town where I can edit my work from my email and print. but there doesn’t seem to have any photocopying/ printing shop that allows me to do it…. all rejected me on the spot despite how much $$ I’m willing to pay them…

Finally I meet this kind soul who initially rejected me and finally, after persuasion and genuine plead, allow me to use her internet to edit and print my stuff, but the deal is: $3 to use the net and $0.70 to print black and white… Jeez! nevertheless, out in desperation, just do it!


Glad I manage to get it done in time, leaving me with 40mins now to sip my cuppa iced- cafe latte from a place I normally do not go to for quality coffee, but hack! I need a iced cold coffee to cool me down and pump up my caffine!

Monday blues! FML!


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