Spending a little time off @ NYLON COFFEE

Yes, as promised, after a quick lunch, Merv and i made our trip down to No. 4 Everton Park to meet the more then affectionate Owners and Baristas of Nylon Coffee…

So the question is… why Nylon Coffee? and in actual fact, what had “NYLON” got to do with Coffee?! Well.. our answers were quickly answered by Dennis that NY = New York and LON = London… so why New York and London?? Answer: Jia Min used to work in London and New York while Dennis used to work in London and as simple as it sounds, that’s about how Nylon Coffee got it’s name:)

Opening its doors on the 1st of May 2012, Dennis and Jia Min both were former partners at another coffee chain and after a year and a half, decided to leave on a good note to do something they call their own. Today, Dennis and Jia Min runs a “homely” coffee corner that roasts coffee for retail (soon) and provides simple takeaway service right at their shop in Everton Park.

On top of their long lists of experience and the love for traveling, both Jia Min and Dennis went a long way to master the skills of roasting and latte art, to an extend, both of them actually packed their bags and went from country to country to learn and understand the culture and origins of coffee and its business prior to the opening of Nylon.

Today, Nylon serves a simple menu which consist of 3oz, 5 oz and 8oz… wondering what is it? ask them and they’ll be more than happy to explain it to you! REMEMBER, don’t bother asking for the mainstream cappuccino, latte or stuff like that, look at their menu and ask them to do something for you! That’s what i call personalized service:)

By the way, don’t forget to check them out @ 4 Everton Park, #01-40

And enjoy your coffee the connoisseurs do:)

*photos were from Dennis’ personal collection


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