For a Moment like this… you think about how much your family means to you…

When we were young, many of us take our parents for granted… thinking that things were simple and they never had to worry, years go by as we grow up and realise how much they have gone through in order to give us the BEST. The BEST education, the BEST upbringing, the BEST shelter under our heads and the many more BEST…

Today, like many other days, i just took a minute to think back how much they’ve done for us, to see us through all these hardship and to hold our hands despite how difficult the situation is.

Granny, you smiled whenever you see us, you gave us money when we were out and dry, i saw you age as the years go by, it pains me to see how much you can’t hear our words unless we raise our voices

Mum, you changed my diapers when i was young, you cook the best dishes that i’ve ever tasted since day 1, you ironed my uniforms to make sure i have them for school, you wash our clothes through the middle of the night, you close our windows when it starts to rain, and now you’re down with so much sickness, your medications fill your plate, the needles you have to inject every single day, the pain and sufferings you went through each day, Mum, thank you for them and i love you.

Dad, You worked your entire life just to give me the best education, you drove us around even in the wee hours, you made tea for us whenever we asked you too. You never fail to joke with us with the weird jokes you have and you’ll never say no to anything we wanted, you worked even harder just to bring this family up. Dad, thank you and i love you.

Jolene, you have always been the one that suffer the most. Neither the eldest nor the youngest, you always stand to lose. i’m sorry to have to put you through so much in Secondary school where you were always compared, but i’m glad today we can sit and talk like what all brothers and sisters do, i hope the best for you

Jerlisa, you’ve always been the pampered one, the one with the least confidence, but full of potential. You brought the family together when we were all drained, you accompanied mummy whenever she needed someone. Now you’re all grown up and it’s time for you to fly. Go out, try things, if you fail, stand up strong again. Nobody’s perfect, you just need to find the positive side of every failure. Keep going and don’t commit the same mistakes again, no matter what, you’ve got US, your family who will be here for you!

To my Granny, Mum, Dad, and my Sisters, i just wanna thank you for being with me. I wish you all the best of Health and be HAPPY:) That’s the most important thing!


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