Comparing what’s “Fine” to what’s fine service @ La Maison Fatien

It has been a struggle for many restaurants in Singapore to differentiate what’s “Fine” service to a service that is just fine. Personally, i agree that many restaurants tries to be the best, if not, trying too hard to be the best, however, many at times, they forget the fundamentals of service which is the “personal touch”.

So this trip, we’re taking a look at a restaurant right smacked in the middle of Duxton Road, La Maison Fatien.

Housed in the heritage shophouse of Duxton Road, La Maison Fatien stands out in its simple, yet cosy decor admist the street of bars and boutique hotel. Designed in a very traditional French Bistro concept that reminded me of the old Le Bistrot du Sommelier when it was at Prinsep street, simple, yet elegant.


Walking into La Maison Fatien was like stepping into another world, it made me feel as if i’ve taken my baggage, left for France and into a bistro. We were very quickly greeted by Charly Terrade, the Food and Beverage Director of La Maison Fatien which checked our reservation and led us to our table on the 2nd level.

Once seated, we were asked if we wanted sparkling, still or iced- water ( a norm for restaurants, which i encourage as it provides consumers an option) and the bread was then served to us thereafter. Well, since this is not meant to be a food blog, i shall not talk to much about the bread, but i’ll just say that it’s DEFINITELY to die for!

The menu was then presented to us by the wait staff and we were left to ourselves for a little while. Now, here’s the part that i think they should improve, on the Menu, they have a chef’s special for the appetizer, mains and desserts, i reckon that the service staff should bring us through the specials for the day before leaving us to look at the menu as it took us about 5 minutes to get the attention of one of their staff to tell us more about their specials.

Nevertheless, the service recovery was quick, apparently, the lady that we managed to get the attention of is a student from China who is currently studying in Singapore and works part- time for the restaurant. She speaks pretty decent English and her product knowledge was excellent. This explains the proper training procedures for both the full- time and the part- time staff get which many restaurants do not conduct properly. (Fundamentals)

After we made our orders, Charly then came back to our table, presented us with a beautiful bottle of champagne which just arrrived the day before for us to taste, it was indeed a pleasure, PLUS POINTS!!
he then follow- up with the story behind La Maison Fatien and the birth of the restaurant in Singapore.

Summary of La Maison Fatien (Singapore)

“Fatien used to travel to Singapore a lot for business and he never found a place which offers quality and comfort food close to home, thus, he decided to open his own “canteen”, named after their wine making house, La Maison Fatien, a boutique winery and the rest is history…”

As he comes to the end of the story, our appetizers arrived, what a perfect time! As the rest of my friends tucked into their appetizers, i thought it would be nice to order a bottle of red to go along with our mains, especially after Charly’s kind gesture of giving us a bottle of Champagne.

The whole night ended with a lot of catching up with the trade and knowing more about La Maison Fatien, what else can i say, comfortable night filled with a remarkable atmosphere and a fine service which meets my expectation of having a personal touch to it.

If you ask me whether i would be back again? My Answer, i would!

Customer Service: 4.5 / 5

For more info about La Maison Fatien, please click HERE

76 Duxton Road
Singapore 089535
Tel: (65) 6220 3822
Fax: (65) 6220 8747


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