Writer | Editor | Photographer | __ it’s ME!


A Singaporean Hainanese with a palate for good food and believes that good food doesn’t have to be expensive, classy or bias to a country/ cuisine.

Having started my career in the Hospitality industry as a cook, i later went on to pursue my interest in wines which i had the opportunity to be trained in one of the World’s most recognizable Fine-Dining Restaurant, Les Amis, as a Sommelier for 2 years. My experience in training within the various restaurants in Les Amis gave me an opportunity to move on to open a group of restaurants. Currently holding the title of Director of Operations, my job requires me to constantly conduct food tasting, wine tasting and checks on service and culinary standards. The constant need to look out for good food accompanied with great wines and flawless service made me start a lifestyle blog that follows my day to day experience with Food, Wines and Travel.

I reckon a better way to start remembering is by writing, so follow me and join me in my experience as i jot down my journey in the Food and Beverage industry!


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