Lunch at Guy Savoy – Marina Bay Sands

Guy Savoy may come across many as “one of the” celebrity chef‘s restaurant in Singapore or rather in Marina Bay Sands. However, prior to making such comments/ remarks, maybe we should first understand why Guy Savoy is and has always been highly regarded and celebrated in the culinary scene.

Chef Savoy is one of France’s most celebrated chefs, he has been awarded the Legion d’Honneur from the French Minister of Agriculture (2000) and the French President (2009), he was voted France’s Chef of the Year by his peers. Chef Guy Savoy’s restaurant in Paris is considered one of the finest haute-cuisine establishments in the world and has three Michelin stars rating. His restaurant in Singapore definitely didn’t disappoint. But don’t me wrong, i do not necessary rate a restaurant base on the Chef’s profile or accomplishments. Many of us would know that celebrity chefs like Guy Savoy have many restaurants to run all over the World and he can’t possibly be at every restaurant at anytime of the day. However, i am impressed by the way he sets the standard, and taught his disciples how to religiously maintain and provide consistent food and service.  His team in Singapore truly didn’t disappoint.

So, knowing that Guy Savoy just started serving lunch in MBS recently, we decided to make a trip down to the restaurant and get treated with some awesome food!

Upon arrival, i was greeted by Julien, a great friend of mine and the Sommelier of Restaurant Guy Savoy who showed me to my seat almost immediately without hesitation. We started by having a spread of bread which was generously offered to us alongside the home-made salted and unsalted butter. Craving for some quality ham, we got a plate of Iberico Ham which was carefully shaved in thin pieces and melted straight into our mouth. Also, as it was a lunch hour, we decided to go ahead with a white wine and we decided on the 09′ Puligny-Montrachet from Domaine Leflaive, a biodynamic wine with a great structure on the palate scenting aromas like whiteflowers, vanilla and hints of oak. Definitely a great representation of the Village.


I started my meal with the “Gratin of crab “copeaux” of heirloom vegetables” which came presented in a beautiful square slate with vegetables, squid-ink brioche and the Gratin of crab meat in a mini-pot. Presentation wise. i give it a 10 out of 10 with colours, aroma and flavours lingering around the dining table. The gratin of crab was so well made and cooked that every single scoop i had was carefully tasted and thought through before swallowing.

Next, my mains were served. i went with the “Beef Cheeks “facon pot au feu” bouillon and condiments”, the cheeks were first served on the chinese-ware, topped up with carrots, reddish and bone-marrow. The beef broth was then poured stylishly into the chinese-ware and the head-waiter explained to us the dish seamlessly before we dig-in without hesitating. Like the picture, the clear broth made the dish slightly lighter which i felt that it enhances the experience of having the freshest beef cheek as the explosion of flavours surrounded my mouth… even when i’m typing this, i’m salivating through my lips and wishing that i’m having it again!

The whole experience of Guy Savoy not only taught me about great food, great names and great service, but it also reflects upon me how passion versus just hardwork is essential in making something so simple and delicate into a bombastic overall experience that would blow me away. I’m thankful and  appreciative of all the passion, perspiration and hardwork that went into creating this fantasstic experience.

To all the team at Restaurant Guy Savoy (Singapore), you’ve again impressed me tremendously.

Signing off for the weekend!


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