Grüß dich! Germany is not only about Rieslings, Sausages and Pork Knuckles

Grüß dich everybody!

Today’s topic shall be on one of my favorite grape varietals, Pinot Noir!

Why Pinot? Well, personally, i feel that good Pinots have more complexity and flavours, but most importantly, they are one of the most drinkable wine on a daily basis without doubt!

So, while we are on the topic of a Pinot varietal, we’re looking more then what Burgundy might probably offer. Today, many of us are looking at Germany, a place known for their Rieslings, Sausages and Pork Knuckles! Yes! They do have really good Pinot Noir!

In 2011, an International Pinot Noir Blind Tasting was organised in London which featured Pinot Noir from all over the World, and Germany scooped 7 out of 10 spots in the blind tasting consisting of 13-strong judging panel of almost exclusively UK-based trade representatives.

If you were to ask me personally, how do i feel about a German Pinot Noir, i’ll gladly tell you. Go for it! It’s worth your $$$

To make this post more accurate, i was fortunate to be invited by Boon from Wein & Vin to the Cool Climate Wine seminar held in Taberna Wine Academy.

For the first time ever in Singapore, a panel tasting seminar with two Masters of Wine, Annette Scarfe MW and Andreas Wickhoff MW, alongside Joel Payne, author of the definitive Gault Millau German Wine Guide and local wine educator Ying Hsien Tan.

Closing-off the event, we had a blind of 2 German Pinot Noir in comparison with a 2002 vintage Premier Cru by Negociant Leroy and a Grand Cru Burgundy by Armand Rousseau!

Guess Who Stood out?

One response to “Grüß dich! Germany is not only about Rieslings, Sausages and Pork Knuckles

  1. Great post. I am waiting for some German pinot noirs to arrive at my doorstep shortly.

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