Celebration of Food and Drinks 2013

One of Singapore’s LARGEST gourmet food and drink festival Savour 2013 is back for the 2nd time in Singapore! With a new line-up of Chefs and Celebrity Restaurants all in one “Village”, this will definitely be a phenomenal experience for all the foodies out there to get your hands down and dirty!


With a myriad of experiences to enjoy in three exclusive areas – Gourmet Village, Gourmet Market and Gourmet Auditorium – there are hundreds of reasons to visit SAVOUR 2013. Here are some of the highlights on what’s new at Savour 2013…

1. Celebrate the all-new Gourmet Village

Singapore’s biggest gourmet festival packs a mighty punch, all in one 32,000sqm purpose-built location. The Gourmet Village in 2013 not only features the finest in food and drink, but an all-weather experience under additional shelter, including a brand new air-cooled dining pavilion.

2. Celebrate the Stars

Get up-close and personal with over 30 award-winning international chefs from here and around the world as they cook off against each other at the Gourmet Village. With over 12 Michelin stars across 18 top restaurants, find yourself served by some of the best chefs in the world.

3. Celebrate global cuisine at first class prices

Go on a tasting trail and sample over 60 award-winning dishes at the Gourmet Village – Savour 2013 dishes are now priced lower, from S$6 to S$18. Feel free to create your own unique culinary journey – why not start with a molecular-fusion appetizer from Hong Kong, move on to a main course from South Africa, and finish off with a delicate Peruvian dessert

4. Celebrate Savour at its great location

Savour a great dish, grab a drink and enjoy culinary workshops with friends and family right in the heart of the city. Spend a day – or three! – at Savour, soaking up the exciting atmosphere, or simply come for a fun, friendly day out.

5. Celebrate being inspired

Learn tricks of the trade from the very best in the culinary world. Attend FREE chef master classes and cooking demonstrations in the comforts of the 300-seater indoor Gourmet Auditorium. With up to 50% increase in classes from the previous edition, Savour 2013 will give everyone the opportunity to immerse in an inspiring behind-the-scenes experience with their favourite chef.

6. Celebrate Market flavours

Visit the Gourmet Market and shop for top quality ingredients and produce sourced from around the world. Connect with an entire ecosystem of quality brands, food and wine producers, and attend live workshops, demonstrations and FREE sampling sessions – with over 300 different activities to attend, for that complete sensory experience.

7. Celebrate new discoveries with Savour Itineraries

Not sure what to experience first? Solve your culinary conundrum by picking up one of the many Savour Itineraries customised to specific themes. Follow your nose on a fascinating tour of the World of Wines, satisfy your sweet tooth by taking on the Savour Pastry Journey or delve into the the origins of exotic coffee on the Savour Coffee Trail. The only problem you will have will be choosing between them all!

8. Celebrate great value, with a time extension

The SAVOUR Gourmet Market, a 2-storey space was our FAVOURITE! Not only because of the ever-cooling air-con from the scotching heat in Singapore, but also the massive array of of food and drink exhibitors plus hundreds of complementary workshops, tastings and produce demonstrations conducted by renowned Chefs and brands!

Do not miss this opportunity to join SAVOUR 2013 this weekend!

For more information, please click HERE

Meanwhile, have fun munching and drinking!!!

Signing off from a SUPER SUN_BURNT writer!


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