Bordeaux 2012 (En-Primeur) release slowly….

Much Hype have been brought into the 2012 En-Primeur, so today we’re gonna be discussing whether it is viable for us to invest in wines again?

Will the prices go down?

Will it go up?

Or maybe… remain stagnant?

After Chateau Gazin started things off on Monday (16th April 2013) morning, a steady stream of smaller chateaux have released their Bordeaux 2012 wines, with a few healthy – and other less healthy – reductions, and a glimmer of hope that there may be a market for the wines. – Decanter

Experts are saying that this en-primeur will see prices change drastically, currently we’re seeing chateaux such as Chateau Citran dropping their prices to €8.75 ex-Bordeaux, a 3.3% reduction compare to last year’s en-primeur to the massive 25% price drop (expected) for the big labels that are depending on the Chinese markets.

Today wines are getting more and more commercialized, who are we to blame anyone?

Are the French getting greedy because of the demand it once had in China or has it gotten over their heads that they were producing such fantastic wines that could fetch prices costing billions of euros for their state-of-the-art architecture or their Business Class Tickets to travel the World?

Personally, i’ve spoken to many winemakers over my short stint with wines for the past few years, some of them were really friendly and approachable, some were really arrogant and full of themselves. I’m not naming who are they, but it’s true! I’ve met some winemakers who’ll pay you a visit in their casual jeans and shirt, some would come neatly groomed in their tailored suits and shiny leather shoes. Well, some say it’s image, some describe it as formality, i’ll leave it to you to decide.

So back to the topic of En-Primeur 2012, are you expecting a fall in prices because of the lack of interest from the Chinese markets? Or probably the Chinese have decided to move on to other parts of France, ie: Burgundy? I personally reckon that Burgundy has really moved-up the ladder with quality wines proving their worth, but then again, have the prices escalate too quickly?

The Answer: YES/ NO

I’m really afraid that Burgundy will be the 2nd Bordeaux, with wine prices hitting over the roof and falling back tremendously!

So for the savvy investors of wines, what are your options? to Invest or not to?



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