We all know that ASEAN was founded from 5 main countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and The Philippines.

These countries, with a diversified culture and traditions have probably been one of the many contributing factors and influences to the cuisines today.

So now if you’re still wondering what am i about to do…


Well, since i write mainly about food and wine, i reckon, one of the best option is to pair a wine with every country’s specialty. A dish and a wine, this is it!

Let’s start Part 1 with Indonesia!


Beef Rendang, a spicy beef stew rich in spices is a dish one would barely think of pairing with a wine per-se. The thickness of the stew and the complexity of spices in the dish (some-say) would overpower the flavours and aromas of a wine.

Nevertheless, the challenge is always to find the right balance.The 2009 Mas Haut-Buis, Les Carlines , a mid-full body wine, with flavours of blackcurrent and blueberry, topping it off with a hint of spiciness that comes from the syrah. A well structured wine with a velvety tannin would cut through the richness of the beef and balance the spiciness of the chilli, complementing both the meat and the spices as well as the stew.

Happy Pairing!

2009 Mas Haut-Buis, Les Carlines – Available @ The Drinking Market




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