The Founding Fathers of ASEAN – Part 2

Good Sunday Afternoon!

We’ve just gone through Part 1 of our 5 series post, i hope you all have had fun tasting and pairing your food with the wines. For those of you who have emailed me with regards to your wines, they will be delivered shortly!

Coming to the next part to it, we will be going to….. The Philippines!

The Philippines

Bulalo, a popular dish in the Philippines is a light coloured soup made by cooking the beef shank and bone marrow until the collagen and fats melt into the soup.

A recommended wine to pair with the dish would be an Old World pinot noir from Burgundy that offers a light, fresh and earthy aroma, a wine that is not heavily fruit-driven as compared to the New World, but with more complexity. I have chosen the 2005 Follin-Arbelet Les Fichots, PV, 1er Cru. The light Pinot complements the soup by not overpowering the broth followed by the silkly tannins to cut through the richness of the beef, enhancing both the flavours of the wine and the dish. Definitely a must-try!!




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