The Founding Fathers of ASEAN – Part 3


How’s everyone doing? i hope you’ve had a good weekend, now that i’ve gotten some of you writing to me about the trials you’ve done with pairing a wine with our local delicacies, it really encourages and pushes me to find more interesting stuff for all of you!

Today’s topic would be on….

THAILAND!! The land of Smiles!

Like many of you, i’ve been to Thailand upteen of times, and one of those drawing factors that brings me back to Thailand is its variety of food, the diversity of cultures and attractions!

Be it the food, the islands, the cultures, everything in Thailand seems so inviting and personally, i would be more then glad to spend a weekend there every week!

So now, back to our topic on pairing, today’s cuisine would somewhat be a little more interesting, we would be leaving out the heavy dishes that we all see in Thai cuisine, today, we would be chatting a little more on salads!

Thai Papaya salad!

A staple on almost every Thai restaurant’s menu and a great way to trigger our palates to indulge into the rest of the mains, the Thai Papaya Salad have since been one of the many alternatives from the more commonly seen, Thai Mango Salad.

An appetizer that is rather acidic because of the green papaya and fish sauce, the Thai Papaya salad is a refreshing dish that requires a wine that is fresh, acidic and crisp to pair it well.

One of the options i have to pair the Thai Papaya Salad is the 2011 Eric Montintin Sancerre Blanc from the Loire Valley. Flavours such as lemon zest and orange peel (citrus) together with its fresh acidity balances off the spiciness of the chilli and the flavours of the dish. To a certain extend, it’s like drinking a glass of lemonade (with alcohol) with the Papaya Salad, something refreshing and cleanses the palate.

Happy Pairing!


3 responses to “The Founding Fathers of ASEAN – Part 3

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  2. Very cool! great work! 🙂

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