The Founding Fathers of ASEAN – Part 4

Well, after the full-body Almaviva wines, it’s now time to come back to ASEAN, sorry for taking a little longer with this post, that just because recently i’ve been attending so many wine dinners and tastings that i could barely breathe!

Anyway, back to the point, today’s topic will be on MALAYSIA!

A beautiful country that i spend at least once a month in, the diversified cultures and cuisines is one huge factor that brings me back to Malaysia over and over again. Just like Singapore, Malaysia consists of not only the Malays, but also Chinese and Indians.

Too much photos, back to business! Today’s pairing will be somehow different. Since we were on the topic of salads in Part 3 (Click Here), i reckon we should stay on the salads and find something a little more interesting.


Rojak, a Malay translation of “mixture” is a combination of fruits, chinese donuts and vegetables, mixed with prawn paste, assam juice and topped with peanuts.

A dish with a twist of flavours ranging from sweet, sour and spicy makes it a challenging dish to pair with wines. My recent exploration with wines from Southern France, the 2011 Clos Maïa, Rogé de Zézé (Rose) made it to the top of my list of pairings. Aromas of white fruits and flowery nose as well as a touch of spice from the syrah varietal balances-off the sweetness and spiciness of the dish. Also, the acidity that comes with the wine refreshes the palate after every sip, making it a perfect pairing for any salads or cold cuts!

2011 Clos Maïa, Rogé de Zézé (Rose) is available exclusively ONLY at The Drinking Market at a promotional price of S$60nett

For orders, please eMail: or text us at +65 90062429


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