Sunday Chat on Burgundy with Joel B. Payne

Hi, a very good Sunday afternoon!

As an avid web server, i came across a post from Joel B. Payne, wine journalist for over 25 years, founding member of the Grand Jury Européen, he was also the president of the international circle of wine writers, FIJEV, from 2007 to 2010, and Germany’s best Sommelier (thrice).

On that note, I thought that i should share some thoughts he wrote on Facebook yesterday when i was randomly surfing through my News Feeds. Joel mentioned “Burgundy on a song? Those days will soon be history. The 2012 crop is the smallest in living memory. Add to that China’s growing interest in Pinot Noir and we will soon see the finest grands crus sold at prices beyond those of the first growths in Bordeaux, which is perhaps why Bernard Hervet is smiling.”

Remember i was mentioning previously on my post on “Bordeaux 2012 (En-Primeur) release slowly….” (Click HERE).

I mentioned…

“So back to the topic of En-Primeur 2012, are you expecting a fall in prices because of the lack of interest from the Chinese markets? Or probably the Chinese have decided to move on to other parts of France, ie: Burgundy? I personally reckon that Burgundy has really moved-up the ladder with quality wines proving their worth, but then again, have the prices escalate too quickly?”

I reckon Joel B. Payne have probably answered your questions. Coming back to my point, will Burgundy be the next Bordeaux? I really hope not.

Signing off for the weekend! Have fun tasting:)



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