The Founding Fathers of ASEAN – Part 4 (FINAL)

Good Morning and Happy Labour Day 2013 from Singapore!

Today we’ll be writing about the final pairing of Asian food and wines, a topic that i have always been very keen on and love to experiment more. Nevertheless, though this is the last article about pairing Asian food and wines per-se, i will definitely be looking out for more in the coming days and i’ll definitely share it here with you!

Singapore, a country i’ve lived for the past quarter a century, we’ve seen how a little island grew from a fishing port, to now, a prosperous city with skyscrapers all across the country. Not forgetting of course is our iconic Singapore Airlines, the airliner that brought Singapore to the World map and showcased what a “tiny red dot” like Singapore could do!

A country with a population of 5.31 Million as of June 2012, Singapore is like an International hub where people from all over the World come to this little island to work and call it their home. We have such diversity in cultures and traditions of which the Chinese, Malays, Indians, and now i reckon the Westerners have one way or another influenced the culinary scene locally.

Today, you don’t only see the typical Chinese “Zi Char” or the Malay “Kopitiam”, but you’ll be seeing Michelin star restaurants with celebrity chefs and culinary experts from all over the World setting-up restaurants in this little tiny island!

So when people think about Singapore, there’s probably a few dishes that is a MUST-TRY, and one of it i reckon, would be the Chilli Crab!

Chilli Crab should need no introduction, a dish popular among both locals and foreigners, it has basically taken Asian (Singapore) cuisine to the International platform. However, many are still debating what are the options of pairing a wine with the Chilli Crab. My recommendation is to go with a sparkling rose, and in this case, i have chosen the NV Laurent-Perrier Cuvee Rose Brut. A dish like the chilli crab requires a wine that has a higher level of acidity and freshness, to balance-off the spiciness and richness of the dish. Aromas of fresh strawberries, lime, and fresh berries surrounds the flute and at a sip, the acidity of the wine refreshes your palate, preparing you for the next bite into your chilli crab. A wine i encourage to go with the spicy shell fish or seafood dishes as an alternative to what one would prefer, BEER.

Enjoy your pairing and have a Wonderful Labour day 2013!



2 responses to “The Founding Fathers of ASEAN – Part 4 (FINAL)

  1. so nice to see a post about my beloved Singapore! Missing home…especially seeing chilli crab & the Singapore Airlines plane..wish I was flying on the plane home! Hope you enjoyed your Labour Day!

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