Weekend Hangout @ Novena (Goldhill Plaza)

Good Afternoon! 


As Singapore gets more densely populated with emerging new concepts and breakthroughs for the food and beverage industry, some of which have opened and shut, some survive heavily on their regular customers who stands by them all through the thick and thin. Some are a little more different, and one of the example is Kitchenette – Bottleshop | Bakery | Bistrot at Novena (Goldhill Plaza)


Located in the heart of Novena, a road across from United Square and just opposite the IRAS building, Kitchenette have been creating an identity, an identity that stands out from the rest along the stretch of restaurants in Goldhill Plaza. I was fortunate enough to be one of the key appointment holders who had a stint in creating that identity for Kitchenette, seeing it grow and prosper from a small little “unknown” Bistrot, to one of the most talked about Bistrot along Novena, it took us many months and nights of thinking, creating, re-creating and fine-tuning.


 Today, Kitchenette is a place where people in the neighbourhood call home, a place where regulars would just sit in for a cuppa with their friends or colleagues, a place where family could come together to have a meal and a place where people could get the freshly-baked artisanal breads and pastries daily from their dedicated baker and chefs.



Apart from the fresh pastries and breads, Kitchenette also doubles up as a Bottleshop and Bistrot, with wines going for as low as $55, they offer wines both from both the New and Old World. If that doesn’t satisfies your craving for alcohol, Kitchenette will be launching their wine garage sale soon! Finding wines from Portugal, France, Chile, Australia, etc.. our clients will be thrilled with many artisanal producers of wines going as low as $18!!!


 For more information about Kitchenette – Bottleshop | Bakery | Bistrot

wEbsite: www.kitchenette.com.sg

fAcebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Kitchenette.sg

Click on the PICTURE below to hear what we say about NOVENA!



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