Made by Lauren Jasmine – 07062013

By Surprise!

Yes, i was just leaving the office to collect my business cards and i came across a pretty interesting concept by Lauren Jasmine, a fashion boutique & cafe.


So yeah, i thought that such concepts should be recognised and also, more importantly shown to the public. I decided to then get a cup of Iced-Latte (though i’m not really a person who enjoys iced-cold coffees) just because the weather was really REALLY warm today!


Back in the 90s, or maybe the 00’s we’ve seen many concepts and cafes coming out with brand new ideas, concepts and strategies, but i reckon, the closest to my heart, is how to link  food, beverage and fashion as one. One of such examples with a more commercial approach would be the Island Cafe by Tangs.

Well, i’ve been very much into this because i believe, fashion and food & beverage is about squeezing the creativity juice and enjoying the finer things in life. Well, for some of you who have been reading my posts on TheDrinkingMarket, you would have realised that i’ve spoken much about linking food, drinks and fashion as one, an example would be the interview i did with the Signature French Wines back in May during the Audi Fashion Festival.


Does fashion really blends with F&B? Hmmm…. maybe it really does! Think about it, have you seen any… i mean ANY shopping malls or fashion streets without food and drinks?

Have a thought through, even Louis Vuitton’s flagship store in Paris have a cafe inside their boutique!


“Apart from big department stores, the project of launching Cafés in a luxury store already exists. For instance, if you visit to the Chanel boutique on Rue Cambon in Paris, you will notice a special room designed especially for business men or women to watch financial channels on a TV as they do their shopping…” – Hype Means Everything

The question now is can we bring that concept into Singapore? Or maybe even Asia? When i say bring it in, i mean can we make money from it? Or perhaps it’s just a fantasy?

Well, i think we could and i highly recommend fashion and F&B to come together as one!

Signing off!


3 responses to “Made by Lauren Jasmine – 07062013

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  2. Chopped, Stamped & Signed, If there were to be a petition of agreement to this topic. Close to my heart, apart from linking to fashion, the world of art and music with everything above you mentioned are constantly crossing paths in our life.

    Following your blog bro, looking forward to more posts. Salute!

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