90 years and i only need…


No, that’s not the point, perhaps i should rephrase it. They want nothing BUT attention.

Yes, that’s my granny, i’ve been growing up with my granny since the day i was born. For me to write something about my granny is almost as easy as a walk in the park, but that’s not my focus for today. Perhaps what i’m more concern about is sharing what a lady like my granny wants.

i’ve mentioned, a lady at her ripe old age want nothing, but attention, she does not require more money for she is not looking for any material wealth in this $$$-centric society. All she needs is attention. I remember, there were days that she’ll just sit at the dining table, have her smoke and quietly tear when she thinks of grandpa, and i could imagine how that feels, especially after losing your husband for 30 years (approximately) with nobody to turn to but your bed and children – Thankfully.

There’s much to think about caring for a lady like my granny, because of her age, granny suffers from minute hearing deficiencies, we have to speak to her a little louder so that she can even hear us, but sometimes, if we were to speak a little louder then normal, she’ll be offended, thinking we’re shouting at her.

Apart from that, there are also days that we have to rush back home, just in time to cook dinner for granny and then she’ll just say that she doesn’t have the appetite to eat. Things like these can sometimes frustrate the people caring for them.  This affected my mum especially, she’s been spending her entire time, since she married into the family to care for my granny. These frustrations and lack of understanding from (sometimes) her closest kin made her even more frustrated and depressed.

But every time, as a family when we sit down over dinner and chat, we would reminisce the happy times we have with granny and the joy she brought to the family, that is our main source of motivation to care for her even more. Think about it, we all will grow old some day, imagine you without someone to speak to or understands you, that can be really sad.

Yesterday, we just celebrated her 90th birthday, something we all are proud of, something that brought the family together again, something that made her happy – most importantly

Though at 90, she’s considered one of the stronger women of her age, able to walk, eat, drink, take the bus and SMOKE?! That’s not too bad huh!

All i all, for a lady like my granny who’s already 90, a little more understanding, patience and attention to them would be something we could do at the very least. And like what Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear likes to say, and on that bombshell, thank you for reading and have a great week ahead!





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