Paul Jaboulet Aine Masterclass – Part 1


Today, the sommeliers and trade professionals in Singapore were in for a treat over at Buyan Restaurant.


Together with the Straits Wine Company and the Sommelier Association of Singapore, Jean Luc Chapel, Sommelier and Brand Ambassador for Paul Jaboulet Aine conducted a Masterclass, showcasing 13 different wines ranging from the whites to the reds and then the sweet. Also, moving on from the Northern part of Rhone Valley to the southern part of Chateauneuf du pape.


Some of the wines tasted were indeed far above just good. To certain extend, i’ve not seen anything bad that comes from Paul Jaboulet Aine.

For me to list everything down may cause this post to be a really really… really long one, nevertheless, i’ve decided to break down this post into two parts. The very first portion of the tasting notes would include a brief background about Paul Jaboulet Aine alongside the whites that were showcased in today’s masterclass. Following on, i will be posting the reds and a sweet wine from Paul Jaboulet in part two of my post.

So if you’ve got any queries or questions, do feel free to email me at – and i will try my very best to answer your questions.

Paul Jaboulet Aine has been more then a reputable winery for over two centuries, their passion for the Rhone Valley is clearly seen in their continuous efforts to improve consistency and excellence in wine-making. On top of making excellent wines, they have also been constantly practising sustainable agriculture and are moving towards being organic. A dynamic winery which prides itself on it’s vines, wine-making and people, Paul Jaboulet Aine is definitely one of the most reputable houses in the circle of fine wines.



2011 Cote du Rhone Blanc – Parallele 45

Grape Variety: 50% Grenache blanc, 20% Marsanne, 20% Viogner, 10% Bourboulenc

Colour: Pale Yellow with greenish hues

Nose: Aromatic notes of fresh white flowers, apple, pear, hints of apricots

Palate: refreshing and lively on the palate with hints of minerals and fresh acidity

2011 Crozes Hermitage Blanc – Domaine Mule Blanche

Grape Variety: 50% Rousanne, 50% Marsanne

Colour: Pale Yellow

Nose: Fresh white flowers (cyrstanthemum, lilies), honey & nectar

Palate: well-balanced and fresh on the palate with hints of honey. Off-dry, good to pair with seafood.


2008 Hermitage Le Chevalier de Sterimberg

Grape Variety: 65% Marsanne, 235% Rousanne

Colour: Pale Yellow and brightly tinted

Nose: requires a little more breathing/ decanting and notes ripe apple, pear, danish pastry, apricots, caramel and honey

Palate: well-rounded structure with a fresh acidity and finesse. recommends to keep for another 5-10 years

2010 Condrieu Domaine des Grands Amandiers

Grape Variety: 100% Viogner

Colour: Pale Yellow-white with greenish hues

Nose: Notes of fresh white flowers (lilies, jasmine), pear, hints of apricots and lychee

Palate: freshness and notes of minerals covers the wine with a balanced acidity and a long finish. A grew wine to pair with seafood and grilled asparagus.

For more information of the wines and purchasing options, please contact The SIngapore Straits Wine Company at:


The Straits Wine Company

Contact Number: +65 65936333


* Special Thanks goes to Indra Kumar (Buyan) and Ian Lim (SSWC) for making this Masterclass possible!


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