Duxton, a tough place!

Duxton, a place where many of us know-of, but hardly patronise. Once home to the “Hum Sup Lou” – horny uncles who patronise the sleazy pubs with girls who barely wore enough clothes to cover their body.

However, despite the negativity, over the years, many good restaurants, wine bars and bistros sprung up over the once “red-light district’ area. Korean and Japanese restaurants opened one after another and the addition of wine bars and cafes came in and filled the space.

Some examples would include Buyan and Praelum Wine Bar Bistro. Both highly acclaimed hangouts managed by the more then qualified people of the trade. These restaurants/ bistros served as one of the more recognisable establishments along Duxton Hill.


Buyan, widely known for its owner who bought a 170 year old Champagne from Veuve Clicquot for S$43,630 in 2011, prides itself as a restaurant that serves inexpensive traditional Russian fare as well as Russian haute cuisine also boast a list of rare vintage wines such as the likes of a 1877 Chateau Margaux, a 1854 and 1883 Lafite Rotschild and a 1859 Mouton Rothschild.


Managed by Indra Kumar, Head Sommelier (Buyan) and Secretary to the Sommelier Association of Singapore, a trip down to Buyan would definitely make the wine connoisseurs drool over the list of rare wines they have in the cellar to pair with their cuisines freshly out from the kitchen!


Not forgetting few doors down from Buyan sits Praelum Wine Bistro a blend of French and Indochinese inspired menu that houses wines that are both sourced directly from the wineries and trusted local distributors. Focusing on the freshness and quality of the wines sold at Praelum, one of the more prominent features is its Enomatic wine serving machine that sits on the left corner of the restaurant. At $20,000 per unit, the temperature‐controlled machine keeps wines fresh for up to 3 weeks and  dispenses wine by‐the‐glass at three different amounts (taster, half, full) for up to 16 different labels.


Managed by Gerald Lu, Head Sommelier and General Manager, alongside his chirpy young and established lady Sommelier Amanda Han, the “Yin and Yang” combination of what we often link to a Bordeaux (man) and Burgundy (lady), the team at Praelum is definitely a dynamic and knowledgeable group of passionate professionals.

For more information on the restaurants, please view the contact information below:


9/10 Duxton Hill

Singapore 089593

Tel: +65 6223 7008

Web: http://buyan.sg

Praelum Wine Bistro

4 Duxton Hill

Singapore 089590

Tel: +65 6238 5287

Web: http://praelum.wix.com/praelum




2 responses to “Duxton, a tough place!

  1. I remember the Duxton area for its many bridal studios, some gay bars and several sleazy karaoke pubs. A rather odd combination!

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