The Weekend Khakis – Places and People

Today’s post would be somewhat different from the ordinary, i will be writing about a group of people, two couples to be exact. Two couples i should call the kopi (coffee), makan (eat) and lam-nua (lazy) khakis!

Lets name them:

1. Hazizi (couple 1) – Mr. Drummer

2. Mei Yin (couple 1) – Ms. Google Foodie

3. Mich (couple 2) – Ms. Small Girl

4. Joe (couple 2) – Mr. Lazy

Ms. Google Foodie & Ms. Small Girl were school friends since their secondary school days while Mr. Drummer and Mr. Lazy is none other then their DRIVERS:(. So most of the time, as you would reckon, the two man of the group would be slacking-off while the two ladies gets excited over their small talks! lol!

It has been months, if not years that we have been hanging out together, in fact almost every weekend for these few months to plan for our “Bang-Cock Hangover” – as titled by Mr Drummer!

Today, we decided to head to Relational Goods, just at the back of the more then famous “Fei Fei Wanton Noodles”. With no signs, minimal decorations, good coffee and free WiFi, this is the kinda place we love to hangout! – especially at the Eastern part of Singapore.


Relational Goods, though marketed as a takeaway cafe with daily fresh bakes like Scones, Cakes & Pies as well as fresh roast Coffee, it’s more then a perfect place to hangout on a lazy weekend like today.

As usual, we ordered our daily dose of caffeine – very much needed – and took out our Macs to start researching on our trip to Bangkok. Well, at least the other three of them while i’m blogging away. – Oops! No Doubt, as a coffee addict who often have at least 4-5 cups a day, i have to admit that they’re doing it right. Some POPULAR coffee chains over-steam their milk, thus, losing the natural sweetness of the milk that goes into the coffee. Therefore, people tend to put sugar into their cuppa which totally ruins the natural flavours of the beans and milk (ok, i know a straight Espresso is a better gauge). But at Relational Goods, you’re assured that your coffee is made at the right temperature! med-plus acidity with a citrus hint. Perfect cuppa for a lazy Sunday! Compliments to our Barista!



Oh! Not forgetting the cakes and pastries that complemented our coffee! We had the Banana Muffin ($3) and the Raspberry White Chocolate Loaf ($4), i reckon it’s the style of the cafe, we felt that the muffin and loaf had a kueh-liked texture, which i simply love! If you’re in for something light, moist and flavoursome, try it!


From the huge spaces and large sitting area, to the minimal modernised renovations, the attentive and helpful baristas and the friendly owners, it’s nothing but awesome to spend the weekend here!

Compliments to Mr. Drummer and Ms. Google Foodie for suggesting this place and to the people at Relational Goods, we’ll definitely be back!

Relational Goods

Address: 29 Everitt Road, S’pore 428576

Opening Hours:

Tue – Fri: 0730hrs – 1800hrs

Sat & Sun: 0900hrs – 1800hrs


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