Finally, i’m back from RESERVIST! 

Yes, back from a free 6 day 5 nights chalet at the western part of Singapore called Jurong ITI camp 2.

Back from a free 3 meals a day

Back from the never-ending canteen breaks

Back from the $1.20 Tiger Beer

Back from the free accommodation!


Sorry, i haven’t been updating my blog for the entire week because i was (as you know) in camp serving the Nation SUPPOSEDLY. Well, actually this ICT is a little more relaxing, nothing close to what i expected honestly. Three years since we ORD, many of us were starting to grow fat, having a little more spare tyres on our waist, getting a little more unfit, panting just to go up the stairs to our bunks, but still that brotherhood we have was like a pushing force supporting our back no matter what we did!


Honestly, i feel that the bunk we have in the SAF reservist camp is somewhat better then the Chalet in East Coast Park! – i know this photo looks a little eerie, but still good!


Definitely a good time catching up with everyone from 736 Guards! Looking forward to the next ICT!

To the soldiers who are defending this country and all the man in Singapore who have served their time, have a wonderful SAF day!


On another note, i’m back to office and the article that i wrote about matching food and some interesting grape varietals in wines are out in the July’s series of the Appetite Magazine! Remember to grab your copies today!

Appetite - June 2013


2 responses to “RESERVIST – The SAF Day Post

  1. Hello! I nominated you for the Liebster Award! You don’t need to do the whole 11 facts about you thing. Just thought I’d do the whole nominee thing to show the blogs I follow that I really like y’all! Heh

    Details here:

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