The Weekend Buddies Celebrating Bastille Day!

Back on the Weekend buddies!

Last Sunday, we had a hell of an experience. Good/Bad?

Company was definitely good!

but… the Desserts that we were looking forward to was REALLY BAD:(

Sorry, if this blog was meant to beautify everything about the F&B scene in Singapore, you’re probably at the wrong blog site. This blog is to be genuine, truthful and honest to what we had, where we had and how was the experience!


Started our day with a BIG BANG literally at THE DRUM ACADEMY by Hazizi Jaafar. Opening it’s doors in July 2013, The Drum Academy aims to unleash the musical talent in you!

Having a range of programmes targeting audiences from young to old, the group of drumming instructors will ensure that you, or your children gets the most out of every lesson! In fact, i mastered the fundamentals to drumming within 15 minutes!

Click on the Logo to link to their FACEBOOK page!


After some drumming lessons, we headed off to Five Stars Hainanese Chicken Rice . Porridge @ Katong. Honestly, being a Hainanese, and having had Chicken Rice since i was teething, this probably was a miss for me. Well, but i have to say that the rice was pretty ok, i mean, if you’re into rice that a little more “al-dente” or chewy with each grain separating from each other instead of sticking together, then this is the place for you. However, the chilli was disappointing, it was a little too thick for me, and the spiciness was neither here nor there. All in all, would i be back for it? perhaps not. But it’s still worth a try though. You may like it:)


Right after our lunch, we headed off to Wimbly Lu, a dessert place recommended by ladyironchef, like what he mentioned in his blog post, there were misses.

For me?

More misses than anything else.

Apart from the whole vintage, cottage-liked quaint little atmosphere that perhaps makes it a little more cosy, the desserts we had was a total let-down. Disappointing and overrated, nothing we had was even near good.


Perhaps, i should share a little of what we had and why it was a little too overrated.

As recommended by ladyironchef, we had the Waffles with their home-made salted caramel Ice Cream with Toffee sauce. The waffle was ordinary, not exactly crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Could probably pass off as OK – nothing to scream about.

We also ordered the Bread and Butter Pudding, a portion suitable for one person. Nothing much to talk about, but the same feedback as ladyironchef: DISSAPOINTED

If you think they’ve got one thing that could “save” them from their disappointing desserts, it’ll probably be the coffee – for me.


Another disappointment.


Today, people are not only looking for something different, they’re looking for something unique, outstanding and price-worthy. With so many alternatives in Singapore, the Food & beverage industry is forced to not only be good, but the best! Quality, consistency and service is something that is indispensable, if you were to ask me if Wimbly Lu managed to get it right, maybe for the decor, but for the food… I reckon a little more R&D have to be made!


Nevertheless, i’m glad the day ended well with a cycling trip @ East Coast Park… killed the unwanted calories we had for the whole day!

To great food and people – and to the FRENCH, happy belated Bastille Day!



4 responses to “The Weekend Buddies Celebrating Bastille Day!

  1. nosharingplease

    Thanks for being honest. 🙂 I guess too much hype on something increases too much expectations. I can relate although I haven’t tried Wimby Lu yet. I think House of Paddington looks promising for pancakes?

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