Alternative Investment & Passive Income


Have you considered having money cashing into your account while you’re deep in sleep?

Or have you considered having an alternative investment?

Earning your Interest in Banks? Perhaps not…

Let’s take a look at the interest rates of our banks in Singapore (Fixed Deposits).


Commonly, many middle-income Singaporean, would be looking at depositing a fixed deposit of about 10K-50K at any given time. So, the highest interest rate we can see from the graph above is probably from the Bank of China or Standard Chartered at about 1.18% per annum (min. 12 months).


Let’s do the maths… if we were to invest $30K into a fixed deposit, that means, after 1 year of “safekeeping” it in a bank, we will be looking at earning a pathetic sum of $354 dollars.

For some of you, WOW! That’s good money huh?!

But let’s take a look at Singapore’s Inflation rate per year at the graph below:


An average of 5% per year, so what make you think that with a 1.18% interest rate over a year of fixed-deposits would do you any good? So do you think you’re even earning anything?

Perhaps not right?

Well, what if today i tell you that you could perhaps double or triple your interest rates with the same amount of money?

Would you consider it?


The people at Genesis-Global Gems & Jewellery have managed to come out with an Investment plan for you for a period of five years.



“At Genesis-Global, we only deal with diamonds of the highest quality, carefully handpicked by our team of experts, ranging from very rare fancy coloured blues, pinks and yellows, to fancy shaped diamonds and the usual white round brilliant diamonds. 

Every white diamond that we supply bears the ultimate hallmark of excellence in polish, cut and symmetry*, as certified by none other than the World’s leading diamond grading authority, the prestigious Gemological Institute of America (GIA), which adheres to the Kimberley Process.

Such hallmark of excellence, combined with the other aspects, such as top colour and clarity, is the only assurance, by our standards, of the true investment value of a diamond that is worthy of your attention and appreciation.”

Perhaps… Perhaps… Perhaps!

If diamond investment is not your cup of tea, or perhaps you’re thinking if investing in Diamonds is a scam. Do not worry, to ease your worries, Genesis Global Gems & Jewellery is also listed in the Millionaire Magazine and all the diamonds available in-house are GIA certified.

Doesn’t convince you enough? let’s take a while and listen to what CNN MONEY has to say about investing in Diamonds. To watch the Video, click HERE

I’m Keen to know more!

If you’re keen to find out more about an alternative investment or perhaps you’re keen to purchase a piece of diamond studded jewellery for a much lower price, maybe you’re considering to get married and you’re looking for a alternative option or a one-of-a-kind diamond ring for your other half.

What’s better then Genesis Global that provides a one-to-one; by appointment only consultation that is absolutely FREE!

Do not hesitate to email me at:


Visit their Website HERE


Fill up the form below with some of your questionnaires!


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