Blood Donation Drive – In Collaboration with HSA & PA

After all the shopping in Bangkok and patronising coffee joints, we were pretty much tired of spending our weekends driving, finding a parking lot and walking all around Singapore in search of places and the “what’s next plan”.

Last week, we decided to do something a little more interesting and responsible.


We started-off the day by heading to Fengshan CC to do our part for the community by participating in the Blood Donation drive that they collaborated with the Health Science Authority (HSA). It was actually my virgin experience donating blood after living past a quarter of a century, to be honest, i was a little apprehensive at first. I mean, i heard people saying that the needle that they use to draw-out our blood is really thick and long… *faints!

Yes yes… Pussy i know, nevertheless, i did it.

In all honesty, it was PAINLESS.

If you’ve had your piercings on your ear, belly-button, nose, mouth, etc… This is NOTHING compared to that!

So why think twice, get your friends together and make an appointment with the kind people at HSA.

Follow the steps here:

1. Go to HSA’s website via the link HERE

2. Move your cursor to e-Services & Forms and a dropbox will appear

3. Click on “Make an e-apointment to donate blood”


4. You will be re-directed to your “SingPass Page”

5. Type in your Username & Password & Click Submit


6. You should be directed to the “terms & Conditions”

7. After reading, Click “Accept”


8. You should be directed to “e-Appointment” page

9. Then Click “Book Appointment”

10. Choose the location you wish to donate your blood at and click “Proceed to make Appointment”

11. Congratulations, like what all lifesavers love to say, ONE LIFE SAVED!



All in all, for me, it was an extremely great experience of doing something responsible and at the same time, possibly saving another person’s life!

Most importantly, the painless process, and extremely well-trained professionals from the HSA definitely made this virgin experience of mine really positive!

Looking forward to the next one in three month’s time!



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