The Weekend Khakis – Picnic


You might be thinking why i’m sharing two post today. Well, initially i wanted to have my entire weekend post posted on one page, but after going through the whole process of Blood Donation (which i think is definitely worth one full page), i decided to have a separate post for The Weekend Khakis!

Yes, so now you know why i’m having two posts today:)


Is there such a word? Perhaps not!

But i think it kinda describes us, The Weekend Khakis!


Well, as a workaholic, we all know it describes someone, or a person who compulsively works hard and serving long hours.


We work hard with long hours, on FOOD!

Food, something we all love, a product that never goes out of fashion. To a certain extend, a lifestyle and a bridge to many culture and differences.

“… you can find other newer ‘imports’ from America, Myanmar, Thailand, Japan, Korea, etc. This is a clear reflection of the multiculturalism we have here today in Singapore” – Mr Ang Hak Seng, People’s Assosciation Chief Executive Director

Thus, over the weekend, we decided to do picnic! The objective is to have each of us cook a dish.

Here’s the final product!



Garlic Mash – Ms. Small Girl

Assorted sides (Cheesy dogs, Crab Meat & Seaweed Chix) – Mr. Lazy

Soy Wings w Curry leaves & Chilli Padi – Ms. Google Foodie

Curry Maggie Pancakes – Mr. Drummer

Dark Chocolate Brownie – Ms. Baking Guru

What an experience! Definitely one of the cheapest, most fun-filling experience we ever had in our weekend hangouts! We even bought a kite to fly to celebrate this happy occasion – ok, i admit that it was me who wanted to buy it! lol!

To more great time and friendship, have a enjoyable and fruitful week ahead!





One response to “The Weekend Khakis – Picnic

  1. wah picnic I like!!

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