Thoughts of the Day – A Singaporean Diary


Somehow, i don’t blame Singaporeans for not pursuing their Passion. To a certain extend, some may agree with me that Passion can’t feed you (at least in Singapore), others might be fortunate enough to be finding their passion in something that hands out a solid pay-check.

On the contrary, some might disagree to this post and choose to say that it’s all about being satisfied with what you have. However, humans are never easily satisfied isn’t it? It’s our nature to be competitive and moving-forward instead of backwards or being at a constant. Unless you’re so sure that inflation in Singapore will fall or remain constant, then perhaps you might be right about being satisfied with what you have now.


If NO, stop giving yourself excuses and say that you should be satisfied with what you have, passion can always be pursued, but one just have to be realistic and be OBJECTIVE instead of SUBJECTIVE.

*this is not meant to relate to anyone or anybody, it’s just my own thoughts.

Next on TDM, The Weekend Khakis in Chinatown!!



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