Michelangelos – My Oh My!

Back in 2007/08, with a driving passion and a thought of learning from (probably) the best restaurant group… I started my career as a wine waiter in Zambuca(then), a brand under the Michelangelo’s Group.

My first time, fresh out of school with no prior knowledge except for everything that was stated in a book and a few months of service training in school, i was put to serve the Mr. and Mrs. Whos’ who.

Thankfully, with experienced sommeliers such as Ian (currently in Straits Wine) and Janice (i don’t know where she is), i was taught the art of restaurant service while mastering the flawless skills of decanting a wine. Years passed, i still remember how strict the focus was on the food quality by Chef Angelo and the “picky” service standards set by the then… Maitre’d of Zambuca Restaurant.

In 2010, i completed by National Service, went into Les Amis, only to know that both Ian and Janice are no longer with Michelangelo’s , in fact, Zambuca is no longer part of the group anymore!

Enough of the introduction of my experience with the group, what i was trying to emphasize is:

  1. Michelangelo’s Service Standards were good
  2. Michelangelo’s Wine Service was one of the best
  3. Michelangelo’s focus on placing the best and freshest food on the table was always met!

Yesterday, my friends and i were out for dinner, we decided to visit Michelangelo’s at Chip Bee Gardens, WE REGRETTED! Why?

  1. I wasn’t allowed to change my pasta to Tortellini, because apparently the cheese wasn’t suitable for the seafood?! – that is after i said that i don’t mind and offered to top-up to whatever price they wanted, just to have my tortellini!!! – check out Pasta Fresca, they do.
  2. Ice water was served (plus point), but the service staff conveniently forgot to fill my girlfriend’s and my cup
  3. We ordered a bottle of Prosecco, waited 20minutes for the Prosecco to arrive, waiter poured, i knew by the amount he poured into the each glass, there wouldn’t be enough for the 6th glass. True enough, my friend’s glass was only half-filled. GUESS WHAT?! He walked away with the flute, came back with a full glass?! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??????
  4. Bread arrived, with olive oil, vinaigrette and hummus that was to go with our bread. Now, these were all placed into a common ramekin (divided by 3 sides for each condiment), that’s fine. But, the cutleries on our table included 2 x fork (appetiser & main), one appetiser knife and one dinner spoon. HOW on earth am going to use my dinner spoon to scoop-up my portion of olive oil and vinaigrette so that i will not “dirty” the common portion when the ramekin used was so small?! The dinner spoon can’t even fit into it! – Yes, we eventually asked for an extra teaspoon.
  5. Food finally came… Appetisers were fair, there came my main! With much anticipation, i wanted to dig into it so quickly! Presentation was nice with a parchment paper wrapping the whole pasta, and at the very moment the waiter cut through the parchment paper aromas of fresh seafood lingers all around you, making your appetite grow by a 150%!!! So i dug into it! Guess what, my FIRST thought was to taste the Slipper Lobster, I REGRETTED! The texture was powdery and had this stinky smell! FML
  6. If you think that’s all?! NO!!
  7. We wanted to order desserts after our dinner, only to realise that the kitchen is already closed for the night?! WHAT???? The waiters or perhaps the MANAGER didn’t even bother to ask for last orders???
  8. Now… that’s not all… well, since the kitchen is close, perhaps we could have some tea to digest our food/ alcohol before we leave… I think you would have already made your guess on what i’m gonna say next? Yes, you’re right! – Counter CLOSED for the night, no teas as well!

My good Lord! What is wrong with them??? I was utterly disappointed with the kind of standards they have now! Coming from a person that used to work for them, i am very sure i will NOT put my experience working at Michelangelo’s into my resume!

Nevertheless, the TWO nice thing they did was to offer me a free Tiramisu dessert for my birthday and a picture that they took and printed immediately for me. – for that, Thank you.


How was your Experience there?


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