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 “The consumer and the business buyer have both moved to the Internet as their prime source of information and goods, so it is imperative that the marketing models follow. A well-designed and executed Internet marketing model that leverages the web’s new culture is almost always considerably more effective than an equivalent marketing campaign based on traditional media.” – FAT COW


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If you’re a new start-up or business owner, click on the title to join our THE DRINKING MARKET for more networking Events and Opportunities.

The Drinking Market (TDM) focuses on (not limited to):

  1. Travel & Lifestyle
  2. Wine & Dine
  3. Wealth & Investment
  4. Personalities & Profile
  5. Food & Beverage Consultancy & Sourcing
  6. Mystery Shopper


“Men are like wine – some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age.”
~ Pope John XXIII

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