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Blood Donation Drive – In Collaboration with HSA & PA

After all the shopping in Bangkok and patronising coffee joints, we were pretty much tired of spending our weekends driving, finding a parking lot and walking all around Singapore in search of places and the “what’s next plan”.

Last week, we decided to do something a little more interesting and responsible.


We started-off the day by heading to Fengshan CC to do our part for the community by participating in the Blood Donation drive that they collaborated with the Health Science Authority (HSA). It was actually my virgin experience donating blood after living past a quarter of a century, to be honest, i was a little apprehensive at first. I mean, i heard people saying that the needle that they use to draw-out our blood is really thick and long… *faints!

Yes yes… Pussy i know, nevertheless, i did it.

In all honesty, it was PAINLESS.

If you’ve had your piercings on your ear, belly-button, nose, mouth, etc… This is NOTHING compared to that!

So why think twice, get your friends together and make an appointment with the kind people at HSA.

Follow the steps here:

1. Go to HSA’s website via the link HERE

2. Move your cursor to e-Services & Forms and a dropbox will appear

3. Click on “Make an e-apointment to donate blood”


4. You will be re-directed to your “SingPass Page”

5. Type in your Username & Password & Click Submit


6. You should be directed to the “terms & Conditions”

7. After reading, Click “Accept”


8. You should be directed to “e-Appointment” page

9. Then Click “Book Appointment”

10. Choose the location you wish to donate your blood at and click “Proceed to make Appointment”

11. Congratulations, like what all lifesavers love to say, ONE LIFE SAVED!



All in all, for me, it was an extremely great experience of doing something responsible and at the same time, possibly saving another person’s life!

Most importantly, the painless process, and extremely well-trained professionals from the HSA definitely made this virgin experience of mine really positive!

Looking forward to the next one in three month’s time!




Finally, i’m back from RESERVIST! 

Yes, back from a free 6 day 5 nights chalet at the western part of Singapore called Jurong ITI camp 2.

Back from a free 3 meals a day

Back from the never-ending canteen breaks

Back from the $1.20 Tiger Beer

Back from the free accommodation!


Sorry, i haven’t been updating my blog for the entire week because i was (as you know) in camp serving the Nation SUPPOSEDLY. Well, actually this ICT is a little more relaxing, nothing close to what i expected honestly. Three years since we ORD, many of us were starting to grow fat, having a little more spare tyres on our waist, getting a little more unfit, panting just to go up the stairs to our bunks, but still that brotherhood we have was like a pushing force supporting our back no matter what we did!


Honestly, i feel that the bunk we have in the SAF reservist camp is somewhat better then the Chalet in East Coast Park! – i know this photo looks a little eerie, but still good!


Definitely a good time catching up with everyone from 736 Guards! Looking forward to the next ICT!

To the soldiers who are defending this country and all the man in Singapore who have served their time, have a wonderful SAF day!


On another note, i’m back to office and the article that i wrote about matching food and some interesting grape varietals in wines are out in the July’s series of the Appetite Magazine! Remember to grab your copies today!

Appetite - June 2013

My Personal Stash – Infused Gin


After reading an article on the Appetite Magazine about infusing spirits, i decided to lay my hands on something i’ve always wanted to do for a long time, making my personal stash of Infused-Gin!


Ingredients & Methods

Apple & Cinnamon Infused-Gin

8 x Candied Apples – i choose this because of the sweetness, you can use other apples as well

1 x Cinnamon Stick

500ml of Gin

  1. Sterilise the bottle/ jar (preferably with an airtight seal)
  2. Cut the apples into slices (you can cut in any ways you want)
  3. place the apples into the jar
  4. add in the cinnamon stick
  5. pour 500ml of Gin into the Jar
  6. Seal the jar tight

Lemongrass & Lime Infused-Gin

8 x Lime

3 x stalks of Lemongrass

500ml of Gin

  1. Sterilise the bottle/ jar (preferably with an airtight seal)
  2. Cut the lime into half (i prefer to remove the seeds)
  3. place the lime into the jar
  4. Cut the lemongrass – *trick use the bottom of the stem for more flavours
  5. Crush the stems of the lemongrass for more flavours
  6. Put the lemongrass into the jar
  7. pour 500ml of Gin into the Jar
  8. Seal the jar tight

The last parts to the method is to be PATIENT and leave it to infuse for approximately two weeks:)


Oh yeah! Just FYI, i’ll be away for 1 week for my military reservist, but i’ll try to update as much as possible, till then, have fun playing with the infusion and i hope to hear the success stories from you!


God Bless and have a great week ahead!

Re-Post From a Colleague & Friend

I thought we should have a little fun with the Haze we’re having in Singapore! Here’s a re-post of a Facebook update one of my colleague’s! Have fun “SMOKING!”

To celebrate the 400 milestone, we’re happy to share a recipe from our resident celebrity chef.

You will need:
10 bacon rashers
2 salmon fillets
1 bamboo pole
Clothes pegs, as desired

Step 1: Hang your bacon rashers and salmon fillets on the bamboo pole.

Step 2: Secure your bacon rashers and salmon fillets with clothes pegs.

Step 3: Hang outside your window for about 5 hours, or until smoked.

Serve your Sumatran-smoked bacon and salmon with a side of eggs and greens for a wholesome, unhealthy meal.



To end off this post of jokes, let’s have a little HAZY song!

HEAL the WORLD – The Hazy Update

Taking a break from writing, i decided to flip through FB to see the updates on the haze that’s happening in Singapore, clearly, it has not changed. Though not surprised with the outcome, i was more pissed with the articles that i read about how our Indonesian counterparts reply to our sincere feedbacks and offer of assistance.


“Singapore should not be behaving like a child and making all this noise,” Agung Laksono, the minister coordinating Indonesia’s response, told reporters.

“This is not what the Indonesian nation wants, it is because of nature.”

The minister for people’s welfare also insisted that Indonesia did not want any financial assistance to fight the fires from Singapore unless it was a large amount.

“If it is only half a million, or one million dollars, we don’t need that. We would rather use our own national budget,” he said.

What?! That actually came out of his mouth?! Where’s the thought that goes into his comments that he made?

To make matters worse, Hadi Daryanto, also attempted to shift some of the blame onto Malaysia and Singapore, saying their palm oil companies that had invested in Indonesia were also responsible.

– My Question Is –

If you decide to push the blame to the other countries, and knowing that this haze have been going on for more then a decade, then why are you not doing ANYTHING to it, but choose to point fingers and push the blame to anyone but yourselves?

The theory is that, even if a foreign country who throws heavy investments into Singapore, and if they do anything illegal or harmful to the country, they too will be PROSECUTED and dealt with accordingly! So what’s with this pushing of blame?

This is YOUR country, YOUR Indonesia, NOT MINE!

So why should i care?

The only reason why i care now is because you’re throwing your SHIT to us and limiting your own responsibilities!

“If it is only half a million, or one million dollars, we don’t need that. We would rather use our own national budget,”  – Agung Laksono.

Isn’t this MONEY? You retard, how arrogant are you to make such claims and accounts! It’s probably time for you to wake up and let the our dearest LEE handle your situation, also, I suggest that you pay Singapore the half a million or one million to our Charitable Organizations who are actively raising funds to protect the well-being and health of our Singaporeans that you’re now RUINING!


For once, Be PRACTICAL and start working on it!

Meanwhile for our dearest Singaporean, here’s a great suggestion from our DJ Rosalyn Lee on the means to tackle haze:)


Leaving you again with one of Michael’s greatest piece: Heal The World!

All i wanna say is that they don’t really care about us!

Amidst the Hazy days in Singapore and a record breaking PSI level of 321, many of us felt how it’ll probably be like locked in Hell with burning hot temperature and smoky “backdrop” surrounding us. A good look over Facebook would see almost 90% of my news feed complaining about the haze that’s caused by our Indonesian counterparts who are happily burning the rainforest and ruining the entire eco-system for what we call, MONETARY BENEFITS.

Photos: courtesy of The Straits Times



No! That’s not photoshop, neither is it some computer effects, that’s my country, Singapore, a tiny island with a population of almost 6 million people – YES, that’s the amount of people you’re killing! For the past few days, we’ve seen it, we’ve felt it and we HATE it!

I’m pleading for the Indonesian government to do something to this, for the past years, we’ve been tolerating this SHIT, but why are they not doing ANYTHING? Even if they did do something, it’s clearly INEFFECTIVE!

This is not the 1st, not the 2nd, neither is it the 3rd, but it has been close to a decade of burning the rainforest after countless attempts from neighbouring countries to STOP it!

So my fellow HUMAN beings, WHY are you doing this?

Have you cared for the SICK

Have you cared for the OLD

Have you cared for the CHILDREN

Have you even spared a thought for your OWN loved ones!

STOP your burning, STOP your bribes, STOP your BULLSHIT!




Leaving you with a song from the Originals of Michael Jackson – They Don’t Care About Us!

90 years and i only need…


No, that’s not the point, perhaps i should rephrase it. They want nothing BUT attention.

Yes, that’s my granny, i’ve been growing up with my granny since the day i was born. For me to write something about my granny is almost as easy as a walk in the park, but that’s not my focus for today. Perhaps what i’m more concern about is sharing what a lady like my granny wants.

i’ve mentioned, a lady at her ripe old age want nothing, but attention, she does not require more money for she is not looking for any material wealth in this $$$-centric society. All she needs is attention. I remember, there were days that she’ll just sit at the dining table, have her smoke and quietly tear when she thinks of grandpa, and i could imagine how that feels, especially after losing your husband for 30 years (approximately) with nobody to turn to but your bed and children – Thankfully.

There’s much to think about caring for a lady like my granny, because of her age, granny suffers from minute hearing deficiencies, we have to speak to her a little louder so that she can even hear us, but sometimes, if we were to speak a little louder then normal, she’ll be offended, thinking we’re shouting at her.

Apart from that, there are also days that we have to rush back home, just in time to cook dinner for granny and then she’ll just say that she doesn’t have the appetite to eat. Things like these can sometimes frustrate the people caring for them.  This affected my mum especially, she’s been spending her entire time, since she married into the family to care for my granny. These frustrations and lack of understanding from (sometimes) her closest kin made her even more frustrated and depressed.

But every time, as a family when we sit down over dinner and chat, we would reminisce the happy times we have with granny and the joy she brought to the family, that is our main source of motivation to care for her even more. Think about it, we all will grow old some day, imagine you without someone to speak to or understands you, that can be really sad.

Yesterday, we just celebrated her 90th birthday, something we all are proud of, something that brought the family together again, something that made her happy – most importantly

Though at 90, she’s considered one of the stronger women of her age, able to walk, eat, drink, take the bus and SMOKE?! That’s not too bad huh!

All i all, for a lady like my granny who’s already 90, a little more understanding, patience and attention to them would be something we could do at the very least. And like what Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear likes to say, and on that bombshell, thank you for reading and have a great week ahead!