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The Drinking Market have a physical location now!


Hey peeps!

It’s been a long Long LONG LONG time since i’ve updated the space. Yes i know!

I do apologise for it:(

Now, that’s because we’ve been really busy setting-up the first every Brick & Motar shop by The Drinking Market!

A Thai Kitchen + Bar concept, we have finally launched our very first neighbourhood Thai Kitchen + Bar at the charming area of Katong.


Placing the emphasis as a neighbourhood Thai Kitchen + Bar, we made sure prices are set affordable and wallet-friendly!

Yes, all our items in the food menu are $10 or below and our prices are ALL nett!

With no Service Charge or GST, we aim to be one of the most wallet and people friendly location for all to be in!

grilled chic Raw prawns 10405673_531141653696218_8413931954838477217_n

Introducing you to our whole list of Authentic Thai Food prepared by our Thai Chefs who have been working in Singapore for the past 20 years and counting!

You can’t get more Thai then this mates!

Wanna know more about us?

Check us out on our Facebook link:


See you here real soon!


Add: 226 East Coast Road. Singapore 428923

Call us: 64408939

Opening Hours:

Tuesday – Sunday

12.30pm – 11.30pm

(Last order for food at 10.20pm)



Collaborating with a Luxury Yacht Firm in Singapore

I’m so excited!

TDM-Asia is currently in talks with a luxury travel yacht firm in Singapore!

TDMers! Get ready for the HIGH LIFE!



TDM-ASIA makes your trip PAID for!

Seen that? Yes, it’s all true! TDM-ASIA alongside WorldVentures and Rovia, an award winning travel agent is bringing you to travel to be paid!

Let’s see what has ROVIA achieved, just in 2012!

  • Honoured with the Golden Apple. Premier Apple and Platinum Apple award for exceptional quality & service
  • Recognised by TRAVEL WEEKLY in 2012 with a GOLD Megellan Award for best community involvement programme
  • Recognised by TRAVEL WEEKLY in 2012 with a SILVER Megellan Award for best travel guides, ratings & reviews

Unheard of? You’ve seen the video, by now you would have realised how many people in the WORLD, yes WORLD have joined us in this PAID to TRAVEL lifestyle programme!

Interested to join us in this journey of travelling to be paid?

Don’t hurry to do it! Like all businesses, there’s always a term and condition. Let’s meet-up over SKYPE, VIBER, FACE-to-FACE, whatever! I just want you to know the whole idea of TDM-ASIA & WV!

Before you leave, let’s see another video of what some others are doing NOW!

CLICK on the PHOTO to view!

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 3.08.29 PM

Now, what’s your idea of fun? If you’re a self-confessed travel fanatic, LIKE ME, fill up the form at the bottom of this page and let’s keep in contact.

But… If you’re certain of joining the team of travellers, sign-up NOW !


ZOIA – Sex is Inseparable from Fashion?


Fashion and Jewellery is like foreplay and sex, one leads to another and they are somewhat inseparable. – Anonymous

ZOIA, one of Singapore’s fastest growing fashion jewellers is here in town!

Started by a native Singaporean product designer-turned fashion label owner, ZOIA started with an objective of bringing AFFORDABLE and FASHIONABLE jewellery to every lady (and men) over the World.

More than a jeweller, ZOIA is a brand that stands in the forefront of today’s leading edge in fashion, vitality and innovation. Pioneering on being THE shop for all, ZOIA offers a range of accessories ranging from artisanal rings, bracelet, necklaces, earrings, etc… to match all of your OOTD!


WHY shop at ZOIA?

  1. Reasonable and affordable prices
  2. Free local postage for all orders (no maximum order)
  3. 24hr door to door delivery for orders more than S$60
  4. Offers overseas delivery
  5. Frequent flash contests and generous giveaways
  6. *Refer-a-friend to purchase something and get rewarded

And for the month of August, TDM is honoured to give YOU!

YES… YOU, a special promotion of 20% storewide discount with minimum spending of SGD8 ONLY. 

All you have to do is: Key in the following code “TDM” when you “checkout” with your purchases at ZOIA to enjoy the promotion.

*Promotions  starts NOW till the 31st of August 2013!

Visit – www.zoia.com.sg

HURRY while stocks last!


SELFIES, an offence in Singapore?

It’s interesting how many Singaporeans create a big hoo-haa out of NOTHING, but over a subject like self-shots.

MP Baey Yam Keng has been on the news recently for excessive self-shots of himself on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr Blog, etc… So What?


Haven’t many Singaporeans, ourselves are doing that EXCESSIVELY!?

Perhaps we, Singaporeans enjoy making a big fuss out of… NOTHING?

or maybe, the media in Singapore has nothing else to write other than reporting on a Member of Parliament who loves to put his self-shots on the web.

Nonetheless, let’s take a look at some self-shots fanatics who enjoys taking photos of themselves. (Make a guess who they are?)














Here’s me wishing you great weekend!

The Weekend Khakis – Breathing Chinatown


Working on a dying culture, a dying trade, a dying Heritage.

Singapore has definitely moved and changed so much over the last twenty years. Many of the Singaporean culture, heritage and values have developed because of commercialisation. In fact, looking back, life was much better though we weren’t as advanced as we are now.

Last week, we decided to find back our culture, a Singaporean Chinese culture. So we decided to make a trip down to Chinatown in search of our roots and also, to see how Chinatown has developed since the last time we were there.

Do you Know?

That in the early day when Sir Stamford Raffles and Lieutenant Jackson, the colony engineer, drafted the Town plan in Singapore, the Chinese immigrants were located at the SouthWest of the Singapore River?


Interestingly, the dialect segregation also had an unintended effect on commerce in Chinatown – business owners, either for the convenience of communication or the comfort of the familiar, would often hire workers of their own dialect. This eventually led to trades being dominated by particular dialect groups:

The Hokkien, among the earliest to arrive in Singapore, took on trade and commerce and came to dominate as business owners.
The Teochew specialised in agriculture, with many making their fortunes from gambier and pepper.The Cantonese became miners and artisans, taking on occupations such as bricklayers, carpenters, woodcutters, tailors, jewellers and goldsmiths.

Like the Cantonese, the Hakkas worked in craft-related occupations but also dominated the niche trade of pawn broking.

The Hainanese were among the latest to arrive and had fewer options – they entered the service industries, and specialised in occupations associated with food and beverage, such as coffee stall holders, assistants, bakers, barmen and waiters. – No wonder i am in the F&B trade! 

After the war, Chinatown gradually recovered and even flourished, entering into its ‘golden age’ in the 50s. She began to take on a character and popularity of her own. She became the ‘in-place’ for everything; people came here to get their marketing done, find the latest cut of cheongsam, get their fortunes told, celebrate festivals and meet their friends over dimsum. The streets thronged with all sorts – storytellers, streetside wayang, fortune tellers, hawkers, peddlers and travelling medicinal salesmen. The sights and sounds of Chinatown’s streets were the tales of early tourists and marked on postcards sent around the world.


Soon, modernity came knocking. By the time the 70-80s came around, the rest of Singapore was changing. Public apartments were built in mass, allowing Singaporeans to break away from the cramped squalor and live in comfort. People moved out of shophouses and into new, high-rise flats built by the government – and Chinatown was no exception. Even the street stalls were relocated into the purpose-built Chinatown Complex.



The charm of Chinatown seems to be lost, opening up to commercialisation, the vibe that we used to get when we were young seems to be diminishing. More and more developments and changes to meet the ever-growing influx of people coming into Singapore, perhaps one day we’ll lose everything. Probably it’ll just be another plot of land, a piece of land that we use to build homes, high-rise buildings and offices.

As for now, enjoy while you can!


*P.s. In case you’re thinking why Ms. Small Girl has such big and rough fingers, that’s just me “hijacking” her self shot! Hahaha@@

The Weekend Khakis – Picnic


You might be thinking why i’m sharing two post today. Well, initially i wanted to have my entire weekend post posted on one page, but after going through the whole process of Blood Donation (which i think is definitely worth one full page), i decided to have a separate post for The Weekend Khakis!

Yes, so now you know why i’m having two posts today:)


Is there such a word? Perhaps not!

But i think it kinda describes us, The Weekend Khakis!


Well, as a workaholic, we all know it describes someone, or a person who compulsively works hard and serving long hours.


We work hard with long hours, on FOOD!

Food, something we all love, a product that never goes out of fashion. To a certain extend, a lifestyle and a bridge to many culture and differences.

“… you can find other newer ‘imports’ from America, Myanmar, Thailand, Japan, Korea, etc. This is a clear reflection of the multiculturalism we have here today in Singapore” – Mr Ang Hak Seng, People’s Assosciation Chief Executive Director

Thus, over the weekend, we decided to do picnic! The objective is to have each of us cook a dish.

Here’s the final product!



Garlic Mash – Ms. Small Girl

Assorted sides (Cheesy dogs, Crab Meat & Seaweed Chix) – Mr. Lazy

Soy Wings w Curry leaves & Chilli Padi – Ms. Google Foodie

Curry Maggie Pancakes – Mr. Drummer

Dark Chocolate Brownie – Ms. Baking Guru

What an experience! Definitely one of the cheapest, most fun-filling experience we ever had in our weekend hangouts! We even bought a kite to fly to celebrate this happy occasion – ok, i admit that it was me who wanted to buy it! lol!

To more great time and friendship, have a enjoyable and fruitful week ahead!