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Avignonesi Wine Dinner @ Buona Terra – Advertorial


Bored of having just a bottle of wine with your whole meal?

You’re in for a change this time!

Come 31st of October 2013, Certain Cellars alongside Chef Denis Lucchi from Buona Terra are organising a FIVE course pairing menu with the great wines from the family of Avignonesi.

For only $118++ per guest, you’ll be in for a treat!

Call or Email them for reservations now!

Tel: (65) 6733 0209    |    Email: reservation@buonaterra.com.sg



My Personal Stash – Infused Gin


After reading an article on the Appetite Magazine about infusing spirits, i decided to lay my hands on something i’ve always wanted to do for a long time, making my personal stash of Infused-Gin!


Ingredients & Methods

Apple & Cinnamon Infused-Gin

8 x Candied Apples – i choose this because of the sweetness, you can use other apples as well

1 x Cinnamon Stick

500ml of Gin

  1. Sterilise the bottle/ jar (preferably with an airtight seal)
  2. Cut the apples into slices (you can cut in any ways you want)
  3. place the apples into the jar
  4. add in the cinnamon stick
  5. pour 500ml of Gin into the Jar
  6. Seal the jar tight

Lemongrass & Lime Infused-Gin

8 x Lime

3 x stalks of Lemongrass

500ml of Gin

  1. Sterilise the bottle/ jar (preferably with an airtight seal)
  2. Cut the lime into half (i prefer to remove the seeds)
  3. place the lime into the jar
  4. Cut the lemongrass – *trick use the bottom of the stem for more flavours
  5. Crush the stems of the lemongrass for more flavours
  6. Put the lemongrass into the jar
  7. pour 500ml of Gin into the Jar
  8. Seal the jar tight

The last parts to the method is to be PATIENT and leave it to infuse for approximately two weeks:)


Oh yeah! Just FYI, i’ll be away for 1 week for my military reservist, but i’ll try to update as much as possible, till then, have fun playing with the infusion and i hope to hear the success stories from you!


God Bless and have a great week ahead!








Malat tasting @ Buyan Restaurant- Part 2

Finding your way into top houses in France, California and Germany for a search of quality Pinot Noir should be easier then a walk in the park. In fact, the Burgundians are famous for their Pinot Noirs with top houses like Domaine de la Romanee Conti and Armand Rousseau costing over $28,000 euros per bottle during the auction in Sotheby’s London in 1996. Labelled as the benchmark to Pinots. The Californians and Germans have been fast in catching up with the French in terms of quality and prices.

For those of you who have missed the entry about Rieslings from the Malat Family, click HERE

Blauer Spätburgunder or Blauburgunder, as what the Austrians normally relate to Pinot Noir is grown on almost all the red-wine growing regions in Austria, though they seldom market the varietal despite being a cool climate, which is perfect for the Pinot Noir varietal. In fact, a quick check with many wine consumers in Singapore, many were quick to say that they’ve never heard of an Austrian Pinot Noir.


Today’s topic would be specifically dedicated to the Pinot Noir of Malat Winery, a family-run winery with over 9 generations of winemaking and the most recent addition Michael Malat an avid sportsman and son of Gerald Malat who joined the family business in 2008 . Prior to this, Michael worked at many important wineries in France, New Zealand, California and Argentina.



A flights of 8 vintages were presented to us starting from the younger 2010 to the older, 2003 vintage of the Pinot Noir Reserve.

Tasting Notes:

2010 Pinot Noir Reserve

Hints of fresh herbs, toasted pine nuts and smoked animal. The palate reminds me of a young Pinot from Cote de Beaune, young and fresh acidity with slight tannic finish. I reckon it’s good to keep for another 8-12 years for optimal experience

2009 Pinot Noir Reserve

A little tight on the nose compared to the 2010 vintage, a swirl in the glass and a little more aeration would present a more earthy notes with light cherries and a slight hint of BBQ sauce. Well-rounded with silky tannins and a mid-long finish. One of the favourites for the day.

2008 Pinot Noir Reserve

Fresh on the nose with earthy, mushrooms notes. Hints of smokiness and vanilla was also present. On the palate was a lively and fresh acidity accompanied with a well structured tannin that holds the wine well. Recommends keeping for another 10 years.

2007 Pinot Noir Reserve

Getting a little more greenish notes, probably due to a hot year, resulting in early harvesting. The fruit structure was a little less approachable, but hints of floral, herbs and earthiness were still apparent. On the palate, a little juicy, but still with a balanced acidity and tannins structure.

2006 Pinot Noir Reserve

Floral and herbaceous on the nose with earthy and smoked mushrooms aromas.  A little higher in acidity and tannin, but very well balanced. Recommends to age for another 8-10 years.

2005 Pinot Noir Reserve

A little tight on the nose, but after a good swirl in the glass, I’m getting notes of vanilla, dried leaves and hints of tobacco. A slight disappointment on the palate with the acidity that is a tad lower as compared to the tannins, nonetheless, definitely good for rich meats!

2004 Pinot Noir Reserve

Hints of Chinese medicinal herbs with a bitter nose, complexity of the wine in interesting and a little hard to describe. I was really going through my wine journey in my brain, trying hard to get a perfect word for the first impression. As expected, the palate didn’t fail me with a well-rounded balance of acidity and tannins that went well together. Med- long finish

2003 Pinot Noir Reserve

One of the hottest summer in Austria, I’m getting a little more greenish notes and ripe fruits. On the palate, it was still fresh and a good balance of acidity and tannins.

The Weekend Khakis – Places and People

Today’s post would be somewhat different from the ordinary, i will be writing about a group of people, two couples to be exact. Two couples i should call the kopi (coffee), makan (eat) and lam-nua (lazy) khakis!

Lets name them:

1. Hazizi (couple 1) – Mr. Drummer

2. Mei Yin (couple 1) – Ms. Google Foodie

3. Mich (couple 2) – Ms. Small Girl

4. Joe (couple 2) – Mr. Lazy

Ms. Google Foodie & Ms. Small Girl were school friends since their secondary school days while Mr. Drummer and Mr. Lazy is none other then their DRIVERS:(. So most of the time, as you would reckon, the two man of the group would be slacking-off while the two ladies gets excited over their small talks! lol!

It has been months, if not years that we have been hanging out together, in fact almost every weekend for these few months to plan for our “Bang-Cock Hangover” – as titled by Mr Drummer!

Today, we decided to head to Relational Goods, just at the back of the more then famous “Fei Fei Wanton Noodles”. With no signs, minimal decorations, good coffee and free WiFi, this is the kinda place we love to hangout! – especially at the Eastern part of Singapore.


Relational Goods, though marketed as a takeaway cafe with daily fresh bakes like Scones, Cakes & Pies as well as fresh roast Coffee, it’s more then a perfect place to hangout on a lazy weekend like today.

As usual, we ordered our daily dose of caffeine – very much needed – and took out our Macs to start researching on our trip to Bangkok. Well, at least the other three of them while i’m blogging away. – Oops! No Doubt, as a coffee addict who often have at least 4-5 cups a day, i have to admit that they’re doing it right. Some POPULAR coffee chains over-steam their milk, thus, losing the natural sweetness of the milk that goes into the coffee. Therefore, people tend to put sugar into their cuppa which totally ruins the natural flavours of the beans and milk (ok, i know a straight Espresso is a better gauge). But at Relational Goods, you’re assured that your coffee is made at the right temperature! med-plus acidity with a citrus hint. Perfect cuppa for a lazy Sunday! Compliments to our Barista!



Oh! Not forgetting the cakes and pastries that complemented our coffee! We had the Banana Muffin ($3) and the Raspberry White Chocolate Loaf ($4), i reckon it’s the style of the cafe, we felt that the muffin and loaf had a kueh-liked texture, which i simply love! If you’re in for something light, moist and flavoursome, try it!


From the huge spaces and large sitting area, to the minimal modernised renovations, the attentive and helpful baristas and the friendly owners, it’s nothing but awesome to spend the weekend here!

Compliments to Mr. Drummer and Ms. Google Foodie for suggesting this place and to the people at Relational Goods, we’ll definitely be back!

Relational Goods

Address: 29 Everitt Road, S’pore 428576

Opening Hours:

Tue – Fri: 0730hrs – 1800hrs

Sat & Sun: 0900hrs – 1800hrs



* Please note that this post has no resemblance of anyone.


How we love to think that work is work, the fact is it’s not!

My humble years in the food & beverage industry opened my eyes to so many “interesting” stuff!

Back in the good’o school days, we were taught how professionalism is like, they painted a beautiful picture of the trade. Today, i see people who are shrewd, screwing themselves up and backstabbing their fellow trade professionals into deep “shit”. Is this how the way we improve?


The food & Beverage industry in Singapore is already facing manpower shortage, increase in overheads and lack of proper training, and yet, the people are just hitting themselves head to head.

Today, i had an opportunity to sit with a couple of restaurant and cafe owners, we had a long chat, a long chat about the trade. It’s sad to hear how some people can go to such extreme extend to try and ruin another’s rice bowl. I mean c’mon, what does that make you?

The trade is so small, we all just come across one another every other day, be it tasting, cupping, whatever… we all started out with one thing. PASSION!

Well, i reckon this is not surprising for many, but one thing i believe in till date….



Robert Parker’s 100 Points “DEAL”

Seriously, i apologise for writing a second post straight after my previous post was published. I just needed to write this…

So i know many people out there are very “Robert Parker driven” and i also know that any review that RP makes could probably increase the value of fine wines by a substantial percentage, but people, if you’re gonna buy a wine based on a certain rating, i highly disagree to that.

With my humble knowledge and experience in the wine society, after dealing with so many clients and investors, the best way of getting wines you (probably) like is only through tasting. With that, i mean tasting it to know if you like it.

NO! I’m not saying that RP’s rating is not good enough (i never would dare so!), neither am i saying that it’s unreliable. All i’m saying is if RP’s rating of 100 points is labelled on a bottle, you better be sure that’s it’s genuinely good, but nevertheless, every wine is different and it goes the same for all our palates. We taste wines differently, and we all have our own preference.

So… i reckon that by having RP’s rating for a 100 pointer may be a great marketing tool, especially so after the prices of wines fell quite significantly over the last en-primeur. For the investors, it’s probably a great way to say that you’ve got a 100 pointer, for the consumers…. well, ___________________ (fill in the blanks)

Now, it’s all eyes open to see if this marketing gimmick proves to sell!

Signing off with the article from DECANTER.COM

Click HERE for the article!