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The Drinking Market have a physical location now!


Hey peeps!

It’s been a long Long LONG LONG time since i’ve updated the space. Yes i know!

I do apologise for it:(

Now, that’s because we’ve been really busy setting-up the first every Brick & Motar shop by The Drinking Market!

A Thai Kitchen + Bar concept, we have finally launched our very first neighbourhood Thai Kitchen + Bar at the charming area of Katong.


Placing the emphasis as a neighbourhood Thai Kitchen + Bar, we made sure prices are set affordable and wallet-friendly!

Yes, all our items in the food menu are $10 or below and our prices are ALL nett!

With no Service Charge or GST, we aim to be one of the most wallet and people friendly location for all to be in!

grilled chic Raw prawns 10405673_531141653696218_8413931954838477217_n

Introducing you to our whole list of Authentic Thai Food prepared by our Thai Chefs who have been working in Singapore for the past 20 years and counting!

You can’t get more Thai then this mates!

Wanna know more about us?

Check us out on our Facebook link:


See you here real soon!


Add: 226 East Coast Road. Singapore 428923

Call us: 64408939

Opening Hours:

Tuesday – Sunday

12.30pm – 11.30pm

(Last order for food at 10.20pm)



An Evening of Fine Food @ RWS


I’ve written about it and now i’m there to experience the first hand experience of  the RWS Celebrity Chef’s Cuisine!

To read me previous post about the Inaugural RWS Food Affair, click HERE

Last Wednesday, a group of Bloggers, Freelance Writers and celebrated Food Authors were invited to the Resort World Sentosa to experience dining at its finest in the Ocean Gallery @ S.E.A. Aquarium.


We were greeted with Champagnes, juices and soft drinks while we chatted with the six Celebrity Chefs who made this event possible! Read about Chef Cora’s inspiration for cooking, Chef Leong’s thoughts on the Chinese Culinary scene and Chef Joel Robuchon’s ideas on whether to open another restaurant in Singapore!

My first interview was with Chef Sam Leong, Chef Consultant and Co-owner of Forest Cooking School. Interestingly, Chef Sam Leong has a personality of his own, that not only impresses me, but a lot of other writers per-se. During our interview, Chef Leong cannot stop, but emphasise enough of his wife that is his pillar of strength throughout his career as a Chef.

A celebrated Chef, Chef Leong also realised the lack of talents in today’s culinary scene. He mentioned that  “the younger generations are afraid of hardship, many do not have the perseverance to stay in the kitchen for long.” in fact, he briefly mentioned that being a Chef is not easy, it is not what you see on the television, but years and years of hardwork and determination.

Chef Leong also left with a quote for aspiring young Chefs’ “If you’re keen to join the kitchen, make sure you are committed to it, persevere and endure. However, once you reach he age of 25 and think that the kitchen is not for you, quit. Do not waste your time anymore.”

sam joe

Chef Cat Cora, the newest addition to the list of Celebrity Chefs at RWS was also present during our short interview and i managed to “squeeze” some questions for her!

Qn: Chef Cora, being the newest addition to the team of Celebrity Chefs at the RWS, do you feel pressured?

Ans: No, i do not. it’s just like being in the Iron Chefs Competition, it is always challenging and it forces me to really innovate and create dishes that are not only delicious, but presentable. In fact, it is my honour to be working side by side all the celebrity chefs in RWS tonight.

Qn: Chef Cora, i heard that you’ve got a Vegetarian Menu, which is your favourite dish?

Ans: ALL! Haha! Isn’t that what all Chefs would say? Joking. i personally really like the Cauliflower Puree with Basil Seeds and the Roasted Egg Plant Soup with Curry and Cotton Candy.

Qn: I see that you really enjoy using Asian Ingredients into your cuisine, so what do you love about Singaporean Food?

Ans: First and foremost, i really love Singapore! Not only does it have a whole diversity of races, for a Chef, it also meant a whole diversity of dishes! A typical morning for me in Singapore would be at a local coffeeshop or offer house with my half-boiled eggs and kaya Toast!


Not forgetting, TDM never forgets to have an Interview with Chef Joel Robuchon!

Qn: Chef, were do you find inspirations for your cuisines?

Ans: I treat culinary as an art, in all my dishes, i look at it from an artistic point of view. Like a Painting, there must be a balance. Mixing elements to do with taste first. Most importantly, using only the best products,we try our very best to work with local produce, but if it is not available locally, we source it from other parts of the World.

Qn: There a are a lot of Culinary schools that have opened in Singapore, what are your thoughts on them?

Ans: It is great! Reputable Culinary Schools such as the Culinary Institute of America, Temasek Culinary Academy and At-Sunrise are examples of such schools that lays a basic fundamentals to cooking. It is a very good way to start your career as a Chef and a great stepping stone to the industry. Most importantly, it doesn’t only teach you how to cook, but also manage a restaurant in a whole.

Qn: Chef, are there any plans for you to open another restaurant in Singapore?

Ans: Currently, no. There have been many investors and Hotels proposing to collaborate with me, but currently, i realise that there are too many restaurants in Singapore which are really good. Furthermore, i personally i feel that it is not right to open another restaurant in other hotels, especially with my current two at the RWS.


What an impressive start! Let’s see what we were greeted with the moment we stepped into the Ocean Gallery @ S.E.A. Aquarium for dinner!


Here comes the FOOD!! – All by the sequence of their courses, not forgetting the amazing wines that was sponsored by Bacardi – Martini Singapore Ptd Ltd

Wines served for the Evening:

  • Penfolds Koonuga Hill Autumn Riesling
  • Penfolds 2 Shiraz Mourverdre
  1. Le Caviar Imperial – by Chef Joel Robuchon
  2. Steamed Marble Goby – by Chef Sam Leong
  3. Double-Boiled Cordyceps Flower – by Chef Li Kwok Kwong
  4. Slow Cooked Salmon Roulade, Hokkaido Scallop & Fried Octopus – by Chef Cat Cora
  5. Beef Short Rib – by Chef Douglas Tay
  6. Sweet Temptation – by Chef Kenny Kong


EK YAP Creative Director Photographer www.ekyap.com www.flickr.com/ekyap

EK YAP Creative Director Photographer www.ekyap.com www.flickr.com/ekyap

EK YAP Creative Director Photographer www.ekyap.com www.flickr.com/ekyap

EK YAP Creative Director Photographer www.ekyap.com www.flickr.com/ekyap

EK YAP Creative Director Photographer www.ekyap.com www.flickr.com/ekyap

grp photo copy

Meanwhile, for more information on the promotions which ends today, do not hesitate to join in the RWS Food Affair by clicking in the link HERE


5th Edition Guest Chef @ Platters Bistro & Wine Bar


East meets West. A statement often misused and misunderstood. What exactly is fusion, somehow or rather, fusion food became quite an over-hyped word often used by amateur Chefs who tries hard to combine both cuisine styles into one.

Located in a heritage shophouse, Platters accentuates an European bistro with its brick-walls and raw wood furnishing, you’ll be amazed by the quality of food that comes out of the culinary kitchen where renown Chefs have laid their hands on.

Every 4 months, guest chefs, often locally bred talents are invited to Platters to design 6 different platters that portrays their culinary styles and encourage social dining. Having said that, for the month of July till October 2013, they are celebrating their 5th edition by having chef Karl Dobler and Chef Eugenia’s creation on their menu!

Chefs at the market

Chef’s Eugenia Creation of having simple and mouth-watering Indonesian-inspired cuisine with Chef Karl’s idea of a more European approach, we were presented with a platter of crispy fluffy tahu telur, tomato bocconcini tartlets and mushroom croquettes. Colours, flavours and presentation, the points were all ticked for the concept of making your palate work right on the first dish!

chef at the market Platter 22999-

The oceanic ensemble

The word “oceanic” would have already given you a clue on what the dish has to offer. Texture is perhaps the whole concept of this dish, soft and juicy mussels with tomatoes and white wine sauce, crunchy shrimps that were grilled with a layer of sambal and lastly, the crispy soft shell crab that matched with the slightly spicy and acidic achar to cut through the proteins. Wonderful!

 the oceanic ensemble Platter 23009

Asia’s ultimate star burgers

Placed in-between in their home-made burger buns that was prepared in-house, the two flavours includes Rendang and the latter, Chicken Satay, completing the dish was a side of curry-kaffir lime spiced shoestring fries. This was a combo! The rendang was juicy and tender while the chicken satay had a smoky aroma, I was blown away by how simple, yet flavourful the two burgers are.

asia's ultimate star burger Platter 23043

Life is sweet, truly

Indeed, life is sweet! Chef Eugenia’s approach of having a twist with the jackfruit, she prepared the jackfruit beignet with coconut custard alongside Chef Karl’s citrus panna cotta with fresh berries. The two was a perfect match! The jackfruit beignet, a rich dessert that is deep-fried was so well complemented by the acidity apparent in the citrus panna cotta that made the whole dessert balanced. Not forgetting, Chef Karl believes that no meal should end without chocolates, of course, we also had the mini valrhona chocolate tart to make a sweet ending.

Platter 23091

Chef Karl, a seasoned culinary guru, also the starter for the Salut Group of Restaurants alongside Chef Eugenia who’s culinary talents are highly regarded by 3 Michelin-star chef Marco Pierre White, the culinary duo also started their own restaurant, Table At 7 in Mohamed Sultan.

The menu will be available at Platters exclusively from July till October 2013, so if you’ve not tried their platters, see you at PLATTERS!

Platters Bistro & Wine Bar

Add: 42 Club Street

Tel: 6223 8048

E-mail: contact_us@platters.com.sg

Web: www.platters.com.sg




*Compliments to Jenny and Jean from FOODCULT PTE LTD who arranged for this tasting, and of course the team at Platters Bistro & Wine Bar for putting-up such a wonderful meal!

Michelangelos – My Oh My!

Back in 2007/08, with a driving passion and a thought of learning from (probably) the best restaurant group… I started my career as a wine waiter in Zambuca(then), a brand under the Michelangelo’s Group.

My first time, fresh out of school with no prior knowledge except for everything that was stated in a book and a few months of service training in school, i was put to serve the Mr. and Mrs. Whos’ who.

Thankfully, with experienced sommeliers such as Ian (currently in Straits Wine) and Janice (i don’t know where she is), i was taught the art of restaurant service while mastering the flawless skills of decanting a wine. Years passed, i still remember how strict the focus was on the food quality by Chef Angelo and the “picky” service standards set by the then… Maitre’d of Zambuca Restaurant.

In 2010, i completed by National Service, went into Les Amis, only to know that both Ian and Janice are no longer with Michelangelo’s , in fact, Zambuca is no longer part of the group anymore!

Enough of the introduction of my experience with the group, what i was trying to emphasize is:

  1. Michelangelo’s Service Standards were good
  2. Michelangelo’s Wine Service was one of the best
  3. Michelangelo’s focus on placing the best and freshest food on the table was always met!

Yesterday, my friends and i were out for dinner, we decided to visit Michelangelo’s at Chip Bee Gardens, WE REGRETTED! Why?

  1. I wasn’t allowed to change my pasta to Tortellini, because apparently the cheese wasn’t suitable for the seafood?! – that is after i said that i don’t mind and offered to top-up to whatever price they wanted, just to have my tortellini!!! – check out Pasta Fresca, they do.
  2. Ice water was served (plus point), but the service staff conveniently forgot to fill my girlfriend’s and my cup
  3. We ordered a bottle of Prosecco, waited 20minutes for the Prosecco to arrive, waiter poured, i knew by the amount he poured into the each glass, there wouldn’t be enough for the 6th glass. True enough, my friend’s glass was only half-filled. GUESS WHAT?! He walked away with the flute, came back with a full glass?! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??????
  4. Bread arrived, with olive oil, vinaigrette and hummus that was to go with our bread. Now, these were all placed into a common ramekin (divided by 3 sides for each condiment), that’s fine. But, the cutleries on our table included 2 x fork (appetiser & main), one appetiser knife and one dinner spoon. HOW on earth am going to use my dinner spoon to scoop-up my portion of olive oil and vinaigrette so that i will not “dirty” the common portion when the ramekin used was so small?! The dinner spoon can’t even fit into it! – Yes, we eventually asked for an extra teaspoon.
  5. Food finally came… Appetisers were fair, there came my main! With much anticipation, i wanted to dig into it so quickly! Presentation was nice with a parchment paper wrapping the whole pasta, and at the very moment the waiter cut through the parchment paper aromas of fresh seafood lingers all around you, making your appetite grow by a 150%!!! So i dug into it! Guess what, my FIRST thought was to taste the Slipper Lobster, I REGRETTED! The texture was powdery and had this stinky smell! FML
  6. If you think that’s all?! NO!!
  7. We wanted to order desserts after our dinner, only to realise that the kitchen is already closed for the night?! WHAT???? The waiters or perhaps the MANAGER didn’t even bother to ask for last orders???
  8. Now… that’s not all… well, since the kitchen is close, perhaps we could have some tea to digest our food/ alcohol before we leave… I think you would have already made your guess on what i’m gonna say next? Yes, you’re right! – Counter CLOSED for the night, no teas as well!

My good Lord! What is wrong with them??? I was utterly disappointed with the kind of standards they have now! Coming from a person that used to work for them, i am very sure i will NOT put my experience working at Michelangelo’s into my resume!

Nevertheless, the TWO nice thing they did was to offer me a free Tiramisu dessert for my birthday and a picture that they took and printed immediately for me. – for that, Thank you.


How was your Experience there?

My Personal Stash – Infused Gin


After reading an article on the Appetite Magazine about infusing spirits, i decided to lay my hands on something i’ve always wanted to do for a long time, making my personal stash of Infused-Gin!


Ingredients & Methods

Apple & Cinnamon Infused-Gin

8 x Candied Apples – i choose this because of the sweetness, you can use other apples as well

1 x Cinnamon Stick

500ml of Gin

  1. Sterilise the bottle/ jar (preferably with an airtight seal)
  2. Cut the apples into slices (you can cut in any ways you want)
  3. place the apples into the jar
  4. add in the cinnamon stick
  5. pour 500ml of Gin into the Jar
  6. Seal the jar tight

Lemongrass & Lime Infused-Gin

8 x Lime

3 x stalks of Lemongrass

500ml of Gin

  1. Sterilise the bottle/ jar (preferably with an airtight seal)
  2. Cut the lime into half (i prefer to remove the seeds)
  3. place the lime into the jar
  4. Cut the lemongrass – *trick use the bottom of the stem for more flavours
  5. Crush the stems of the lemongrass for more flavours
  6. Put the lemongrass into the jar
  7. pour 500ml of Gin into the Jar
  8. Seal the jar tight

The last parts to the method is to be PATIENT and leave it to infuse for approximately two weeks:)


Oh yeah! Just FYI, i’ll be away for 1 week for my military reservist, but i’ll try to update as much as possible, till then, have fun playing with the infusion and i hope to hear the success stories from you!


God Bless and have a great week ahead!

Re-Post From a Colleague & Friend

I thought we should have a little fun with the Haze we’re having in Singapore! Here’s a re-post of a Facebook update one of my colleague’s! Have fun “SMOKING!”

To celebrate the 400 milestone, we’re happy to share a recipe from our resident celebrity chef.

You will need:
10 bacon rashers
2 salmon fillets
1 bamboo pole
Clothes pegs, as desired

Step 1: Hang your bacon rashers and salmon fillets on the bamboo pole.

Step 2: Secure your bacon rashers and salmon fillets with clothes pegs.

Step 3: Hang outside your window for about 5 hours, or until smoked.

Serve your Sumatran-smoked bacon and salmon with a side of eggs and greens for a wholesome, unhealthy meal.



To end off this post of jokes, let’s have a little HAZY song!


Weekends hangout – Annam Vietnamese Cuisine

Hi mates, sorry if i’ve gone MIA for a couple of days, i was really busy with the Audi Fashion Festival that’s happening in Singapore on the 15th- 19th May 2013.

By the way, despite my hectic schedule, i took some time off to visit Annam Vietnamese Restaurant at Shaw Centre, a collaboration between the Les Amis Group and Chef Nam.


It was like coming back home for me, especially so when i was an ex-employee of the Les Amis Group. The kind welcome, blessings and hospitality greeted me at the very moment i was strolling along the stretch of restaurants by the group.

I remember, back in 2011, when i was still working for the Les Amis Group as a Sommelier, we saw how Chef Nam and his team set-up a quaint little restaurant in between the then, La Strada, now Caveau Wine+Bar and Bistro du Vin, the knocking and drilling to the setting-up of the wine list and menu, today Annam, or more would recognise NamNam Noodle Bar, a sister company (more casual) in the city is one of the many household names in the food and beverage industry.

Enough of talking, lets get down into the food. After looking through the Menu, i decided on the Fried Catfish with Turmeric, Galangal, Dill, Vermicelli ($18), as explained by Chef Nam, a common Hanoi dish with a twist. In Hanoi, apparently more oil is used and the dish could present itself as a much oiler cuisine, but due to the local’s palate and our need to be “healthy” (supposedly), Chef Nam decided to use a less oily approach to the dish. On top that, instead of the pan-seared fish, Chef Nam, understands that the local prefers something crispier, thus, the Catfish is battered and fried to golden brown. I would say that if you’re in for some colour, texture. flavour and presentation, this dish wins your heart! A very healthy dish indeed, the finely chopped-vegetables reminds you of the hardwork and patience, the presentation tells you how much attention and sincerity goes into this dish. Costing just $18, i feel that it is indeed a wallet-friendly and affordable price i’ll pay.

judging from the impression, the whole dish feels like the “Lei Cha”, a traditional Hakka dish popular amongst the Chinese in Mainland China or more commonly seen in the Southern China. Just only that Chef nam uses noodles instead of rice and adds-on the fish and crackers.


Ending off my meal, i was treated to my favourite Vietnamese coffee that i used to order every other day when i was working with the Group, i can’t imagine that the mangeress still remembers that i love it so much!

All in all, i feel that Chef Nam has got it right, there’s a reason why he is so well celebrated in the Industry and people respect him for who he is. As a restauranteur, I personally do!

A good chat with the Director of Restaurant, Royston Soo and Chef Nam himself over meal was indeed memorable, i wish i was right back working with the group. People who are humble, who are real and take actions seriously.

Thank you Chef and your team! You have wow-ed me again!

Oh! By the way, i heard from Chef Nam that “NamNam Noodle Bar” will be opening their 3rd outlet in Suntec City soon! A much bigger space as compared to the current two at Wheelock and Raffles City respectively, so stay tune!








Annam Vietnamese Cuisine

1 Scotts Road,
Shaw Centre #02-11 Singapore 228208
T: 6735 6656 F: 6735 6676
Lunch: 12 p.m. to 2.30 p.m. (Last order)
Dinner: 6.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. (Last order)

NamNam Noodle Bar

Raffles City

252 North Bridge Road, #B1-46/47,
Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103
t: 6336 0500

Wheelock Place

501 Orchard Road #B2-02,
Wheelock Place, Singapore 238880
t: 6735 1488