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The Drinking Market have a physical location now!


Hey peeps!

It’s been a long Long LONG LONG time since i’ve updated the space. Yes i know!

I do apologise for it:(

Now, that’s because we’ve been really busy setting-up the first every Brick & Motar shop by The Drinking Market!

A Thai Kitchen + Bar concept, we have finally launched our very first neighbourhood Thai Kitchen + Bar at the charming area of Katong.


Placing the emphasis as a neighbourhood Thai Kitchen + Bar, we made sure prices are set affordable and wallet-friendly!

Yes, all our items in the food menu are $10 or below and our prices are ALL nett!

With no Service Charge or GST, we aim to be one of the most wallet and people friendly location for all to be in!

grilled chic Raw prawns 10405673_531141653696218_8413931954838477217_n

Introducing you to our whole list of Authentic Thai Food prepared by our Thai Chefs who have been working in Singapore for the past 20 years and counting!

You can’t get more Thai then this mates!

Wanna know more about us?

Check us out on our Facebook link:


See you here real soon!


Add: 226 East Coast Road. Singapore 428923

Call us: 64408939

Opening Hours:

Tuesday – Sunday

12.30pm – 11.30pm

(Last order for food at 10.20pm)



BURNOUT – A Tribute to the Food & Beverage Industry


BURNOUT – physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress. (Google)

TDMers, i know that i’m suppose to be blogging about Oushin Japanese Steakhouse, but prior to that, on a more serious note, i’ve got some thoughts that i want to pen down on this blog entry and i sincerely wish that you can share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms.

Last Friday, as i sat on the comfortable chairs with food on my table, many thoughts and memories came through my mind. I thought that it’ll be nice for me to share with you some of my thoughts and i hope that you’ll learn to appreciate and thank the people who are serving your breakfast, lunch or dinner in a restaurant or cafe.

Let me start off by saying…

Singapore’s Service Standards are like SHIT!

No, that’s actually not what i’m trying to bring across, but have you been one of the culprits who said such things before? Or perhaps you might have heard many of your friends and family judging our service standards in Singapore.

Before we jump into any conclusion, allow me to share my personal experience when i started as a junior employee with a restaurant group.


A typical day working in a restaurant starts at 10am for me, the moment i step into the restaurant, i would have to start doing the daily administrative work, clearing the cellar, setting-up the restaurant and making sure that everything is ready for operations. At about 11am, we would normally start the day with a row call, which the chef would then explain the specials for the day or if there’s anything that is not available.


11.30am, the restaurant opens for operations, as usual, we would be serving the hungry diners who are rushing in-between work or meeting to catch a quick bite, in fact, the lunch operations is always a challenge as many would require us to serve fast, be quick and hopefully, turnover the table for the next seating.

2.30pm, the last order for lunch, but that’s not it. Diners who are normally a little more free would prefer to stay a while longer to have their tea or desserts slowly, thus, we would be standing-by, waiting, waiting and waiting.

4pm, we finally cleared the restaurant, and that’s almost 6 hours since i started work. This is when i probably would have my 1st meal of the day.

5.30pm, all geared up, dressed in our uniforms, we are back to set-up the restaurant for the dinner service. 6pm, our second row call for the day, and the chef would now explain the items available for dinner as well as the specials for the evening.


6.30pm, our doors are open again for dinner, this goes all the way till 10pm- 10.30pm, depending on the chef or maitre’d who determines the time for our last order. Once the last order is made for normally desserts, coffee or tea, diners would normally stay a little longer while they sip their tea and chat with their partners or friends. A typical day ends (weekdays) at 11pm or (weekends) 12am – 1am. As usual, we’re not done yet, after all our guest have left the restaurant, it’s time to clear all the plates and wipe the wine glasses so that there will not be water marks. Next up, something that most service staff hates, wiping cutleries… all in all, these takes about an hour or so, depending on the night’s service. Having said that, most of the time when we are back home, it’ll probably be past midnight, or if you might agree with me, the wee hours…

This is not all, with the clamping down on foreign workers and the lack of Singaporeans who are unwilling to go into the service industry, we are facing lesser and lesser manpower counts. This meant that:

  1. Service quality would be affected
  2. It’ll take longer hours to complete the same task
  3. Lesser people doing more job scope

Conclusion? BURNOUT!

We spend up to 14 hours a day working in a restaurant with minimal rest, more often then not, we spend most of our time at work than to be at home. That’s not all, because of the manpower shortage, many restaurant chains are forced to have their employees to be on a six-day work week.


I challenge any one of you to try being in their shoes. Take a week and try your hands working in a restaurant, then figure out if it’s an easy job.

So, what i’m driving at is for you to try and appreciate these people who are serving you. Many of them like myself started-off with passion, our priority is always to just do our best and provide you with the best service, at no time are we there to make your experience bad. In fact, despite the lack of time to rest, we always try to put a smile on our faces to make our guest feel welcomed and comfortable.

Like yourself, the service staff are just working hard to make ends meet for their families. We are all mature enough and i trust my readers are as well, let’s not complain so much and learn to be more patient and kind with our words. The next time you visit a restaurant or cafe, learn to recognise the employees, fill up the feedback form, be generous with your words, say thank you, these means a lot to them:)


Have a lovely Sunday:)

ZOIA – Sex is Inseparable from Fashion?


Fashion and Jewellery is like foreplay and sex, one leads to another and they are somewhat inseparable. – Anonymous

ZOIA, one of Singapore’s fastest growing fashion jewellers is here in town!

Started by a native Singaporean product designer-turned fashion label owner, ZOIA started with an objective of bringing AFFORDABLE and FASHIONABLE jewellery to every lady (and men) over the World.

More than a jeweller, ZOIA is a brand that stands in the forefront of today’s leading edge in fashion, vitality and innovation. Pioneering on being THE shop for all, ZOIA offers a range of accessories ranging from artisanal rings, bracelet, necklaces, earrings, etc… to match all of your OOTD!


WHY shop at ZOIA?

  1. Reasonable and affordable prices
  2. Free local postage for all orders (no maximum order)
  3. 24hr door to door delivery for orders more than S$60
  4. Offers overseas delivery
  5. Frequent flash contests and generous giveaways
  6. *Refer-a-friend to purchase something and get rewarded

And for the month of August, TDM is honoured to give YOU!

YES… YOU, a special promotion of 20% storewide discount with minimum spending of SGD8 ONLY. 

All you have to do is: Key in the following code “TDM” when you “checkout” with your purchases at ZOIA to enjoy the promotion.

*Promotions  starts NOW till the 31st of August 2013!

Visit – www.zoia.com.sg

HURRY while stocks last!


SELFIES, an offence in Singapore?

It’s interesting how many Singaporeans create a big hoo-haa out of NOTHING, but over a subject like self-shots.

MP Baey Yam Keng has been on the news recently for excessive self-shots of himself on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr Blog, etc… So What?


Haven’t many Singaporeans, ourselves are doing that EXCESSIVELY!?

Perhaps we, Singaporeans enjoy making a big fuss out of… NOTHING?

or maybe, the media in Singapore has nothing else to write other than reporting on a Member of Parliament who loves to put his self-shots on the web.

Nonetheless, let’s take a look at some self-shots fanatics who enjoys taking photos of themselves. (Make a guess who they are?)














Here’s me wishing you great weekend!

The Weekend Khakis – Picnic


You might be thinking why i’m sharing two post today. Well, initially i wanted to have my entire weekend post posted on one page, but after going through the whole process of Blood Donation (which i think is definitely worth one full page), i decided to have a separate post for The Weekend Khakis!

Yes, so now you know why i’m having two posts today:)


Is there such a word? Perhaps not!

But i think it kinda describes us, The Weekend Khakis!


Well, as a workaholic, we all know it describes someone, or a person who compulsively works hard and serving long hours.


We work hard with long hours, on FOOD!

Food, something we all love, a product that never goes out of fashion. To a certain extend, a lifestyle and a bridge to many culture and differences.

“… you can find other newer ‘imports’ from America, Myanmar, Thailand, Japan, Korea, etc. This is a clear reflection of the multiculturalism we have here today in Singapore” – Mr Ang Hak Seng, People’s Assosciation Chief Executive Director

Thus, over the weekend, we decided to do picnic! The objective is to have each of us cook a dish.

Here’s the final product!



Garlic Mash – Ms. Small Girl

Assorted sides (Cheesy dogs, Crab Meat & Seaweed Chix) – Mr. Lazy

Soy Wings w Curry leaves & Chilli Padi – Ms. Google Foodie

Curry Maggie Pancakes – Mr. Drummer

Dark Chocolate Brownie – Ms. Baking Guru

What an experience! Definitely one of the cheapest, most fun-filling experience we ever had in our weekend hangouts! We even bought a kite to fly to celebrate this happy occasion – ok, i admit that it was me who wanted to buy it! lol!

To more great time and friendship, have a enjoyable and fruitful week ahead!




10 things you might not know about Thailand


I was just looking through Yahoo! News and it stumbled upon me some FACTS that i’ve never knew about Thailand and i thought perhaps it’ll be good sharing it here!

Do you know…

Fact 1: Thais choose to fit on fake dental braces aka vanity braces as a symbol of a luxurious status – The faux oral accessories (which come in an array of colours and designs) serve no correcting purposes but is, however, associated with wealth as real orthodontic braces are a costly luxury item in Thailand.

Fact 2: Thais enjoy Ketchup and Mayonnaise on their Pizzas – Don’t be surprised if a bottle of ketchup is handed to you after you’ve successfully placed a pizza order; even pizza delivery in Thailand comes with ketchup packets! Yes, Thai people eat pizza with ketchup. It is also normal for Thais to put mayonnaise on their pizzas so go ahead and try that when in Thailand to fully experience the culture!

Fact 3: A Six-Hour-Clock. It counts twenty-four hours a day but divides the day up into four six-hour quarters, with each quarter having differing Thai terms, especially used in verbal communication.

Fact 4: Gasoline in Whiskey Bottles – When travelling in Thailand, be careful not to mistake bottles of gasoline for bottles of whisky! Walk down a street and you might just stumble upon roadside stalls that sell gasoline in whisky bottles. While Thailand is equipped with gas stations, these roadside stalls cater more to the motorcyclists in rural areas and small towns. Gasoline is usually sold by half a litre and one litre.

Fact 5: Trash Bins Made Out Of Tyres – The unconventional-looking trash cans around and outside residences in Thailand are frequently observed yet missed by many. Upon closer look, travellers will find garbage bins that are made out of recycled car tyres staring back at them. Further exploration will have travellers even more surprised at the sight of complete furniture sets made out of recycled tyres.

Fact 6: Respecting The Thai National Anthem – When in Thailand, try to disguise your shock at the sight of Thais dropping whatever it is they’re busy doing, to stand up at the sound of the Thai national anthem being played over the loudspeakers.This is done so twice a day, once at 8:00AM and once more at 6:00PM. Your best bet at this point is to take cue from the Thais and follow suit. So don’t assume that this is a FLASH MOB!

Fact 7: Dress to respect – In Thailand, the Temples are a highly respected place of worship for the Buddhist, so when you’re planning to visit the temples, conservative dressing is advised, with shoulders and knees covered. In places of worship, one must be respectful, especially when it comes to flash photography; women must also be weary not to touch a monk at any given moment. A tip for women – bring along a lightweight scarf that you can drape around your shoulders and knot at the front for temple visits.

Fact 8: Taxi is cheaper than Tuks-Tuks. From my personal experience in Bangkok as mentioned in my previous post, the taxis are indeed a cheaper alternative than probably the train or in this case a Tuk-Tuk. I spent 80Baht for a 3-5 minute ride to Rod Fai Market from CTC Market just because i didn’t know where it was. – Feeling Cheated

Fact 9: “Temple Closed” Scam – If you’re traveling to visit a temple, make sure you’re aware of the opening hours! Scam is everywhere, the tuk-tuk drivers will tell you that the temples are closed and divert you to a souvenir shop that they will earn a commission from your purchases. – My friend just got the similar scam!

Fact 10: YEAR 2556 – We all know that this year is 2013, but do you know that in Thailand, it is technically 2556 now?! Thailand uses the Bhuddist Era (B.E.), which is 543 years ahead of the regular calendars the rest of the world is accustomed to. Thailand’s traditional New Year’s Day, which was so, up until 1940, is celebrated from 13-15 April through what is called The Songkran Festival. While Thailand has since moved the New Year to 1 January, celebrations where families and friends gather to visit temples while sprinkling water on Buddha images and each other have continued on, with Songkran being a national holiday.

To the dear readers, have an enjoyable time in the land of many smiles! KHOP KHUN KRAB!

Made by Lauren Jasmine – 07062013

By Surprise!

Yes, i was just leaving the office to collect my business cards and i came across a pretty interesting concept by Lauren Jasmine, a fashion boutique & cafe.


So yeah, i thought that such concepts should be recognised and also, more importantly shown to the public. I decided to then get a cup of Iced-Latte (though i’m not really a person who enjoys iced-cold coffees) just because the weather was really REALLY warm today!


Back in the 90s, or maybe the 00’s we’ve seen many concepts and cafes coming out with brand new ideas, concepts and strategies, but i reckon, the closest to my heart, is how to link  food, beverage and fashion as one. One of such examples with a more commercial approach would be the Island Cafe by Tangs.

Well, i’ve been very much into this because i believe, fashion and food & beverage is about squeezing the creativity juice and enjoying the finer things in life. Well, for some of you who have been reading my posts on TheDrinkingMarket, you would have realised that i’ve spoken much about linking food, drinks and fashion as one, an example would be the interview i did with the Signature French Wines back in May during the Audi Fashion Festival.


Does fashion really blends with F&B? Hmmm…. maybe it really does! Think about it, have you seen any… i mean ANY shopping malls or fashion streets without food and drinks?

Have a thought through, even Louis Vuitton’s flagship store in Paris have a cafe inside their boutique!


“Apart from big department stores, the project of launching Cafés in a luxury store already exists. For instance, if you visit to the Chanel boutique on Rue Cambon in Paris, you will notice a special room designed especially for business men or women to watch financial channels on a TV as they do their shopping…” – Hype Means Everything

The question now is can we bring that concept into Singapore? Or maybe even Asia? When i say bring it in, i mean can we make money from it? Or perhaps it’s just a fantasy?

Well, i think we could and i highly recommend fashion and F&B to come together as one!

Signing off!