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An Evening of Fine Food @ RWS


I’ve written about it and now i’m there to experience the first hand experience of  the RWS Celebrity Chef’s Cuisine!

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Last Wednesday, a group of Bloggers, Freelance Writers and celebrated Food Authors were invited to the Resort World Sentosa to experience dining at its finest in the Ocean Gallery @ S.E.A. Aquarium.


We were greeted with Champagnes, juices and soft drinks while we chatted with the six Celebrity Chefs who made this event possible! Read about Chef Cora’s inspiration for cooking, Chef Leong’s thoughts on the Chinese Culinary scene and Chef Joel Robuchon’s ideas on whether to open another restaurant in Singapore!

My first interview was with Chef Sam Leong, Chef Consultant and Co-owner of Forest Cooking School. Interestingly, Chef Sam Leong has a personality of his own, that not only impresses me, but a lot of other writers per-se. During our interview, Chef Leong cannot stop, but emphasise enough of his wife that is his pillar of strength throughout his career as a Chef.

A celebrated Chef, Chef Leong also realised the lack of talents in today’s culinary scene. He mentioned that  “the younger generations are afraid of hardship, many do not have the perseverance to stay in the kitchen for long.” in fact, he briefly mentioned that being a Chef is not easy, it is not what you see on the television, but years and years of hardwork and determination.

Chef Leong also left with a quote for aspiring young Chefs’ “If you’re keen to join the kitchen, make sure you are committed to it, persevere and endure. However, once you reach he age of 25 and think that the kitchen is not for you, quit. Do not waste your time anymore.”

sam joe

Chef Cat Cora, the newest addition to the list of Celebrity Chefs at RWS was also present during our short interview and i managed to “squeeze” some questions for her!

Qn: Chef Cora, being the newest addition to the team of Celebrity Chefs at the RWS, do you feel pressured?

Ans: No, i do not. it’s just like being in the Iron Chefs Competition, it is always challenging and it forces me to really innovate and create dishes that are not only delicious, but presentable. In fact, it is my honour to be working side by side all the celebrity chefs in RWS tonight.

Qn: Chef Cora, i heard that you’ve got a Vegetarian Menu, which is your favourite dish?

Ans: ALL! Haha! Isn’t that what all Chefs would say? Joking. i personally really like the Cauliflower Puree with Basil Seeds and the Roasted Egg Plant Soup with Curry and Cotton Candy.

Qn: I see that you really enjoy using Asian Ingredients into your cuisine, so what do you love about Singaporean Food?

Ans: First and foremost, i really love Singapore! Not only does it have a whole diversity of races, for a Chef, it also meant a whole diversity of dishes! A typical morning for me in Singapore would be at a local coffeeshop or offer house with my half-boiled eggs and kaya Toast!


Not forgetting, TDM never forgets to have an Interview with Chef Joel Robuchon!

Qn: Chef, were do you find inspirations for your cuisines?

Ans: I treat culinary as an art, in all my dishes, i look at it from an artistic point of view. Like a Painting, there must be a balance. Mixing elements to do with taste first. Most importantly, using only the best products,we try our very best to work with local produce, but if it is not available locally, we source it from other parts of the World.

Qn: There a are a lot of Culinary schools that have opened in Singapore, what are your thoughts on them?

Ans: It is great! Reputable Culinary Schools such as the Culinary Institute of America, Temasek Culinary Academy and At-Sunrise are examples of such schools that lays a basic fundamentals to cooking. It is a very good way to start your career as a Chef and a great stepping stone to the industry. Most importantly, it doesn’t only teach you how to cook, but also manage a restaurant in a whole.

Qn: Chef, are there any plans for you to open another restaurant in Singapore?

Ans: Currently, no. There have been many investors and Hotels proposing to collaborate with me, but currently, i realise that there are too many restaurants in Singapore which are really good. Furthermore, i personally i feel that it is not right to open another restaurant in other hotels, especially with my current two at the RWS.


What an impressive start! Let’s see what we were greeted with the moment we stepped into the Ocean Gallery @ S.E.A. Aquarium for dinner!


Here comes the FOOD!! – All by the sequence of their courses, not forgetting the amazing wines that was sponsored by Bacardi – Martini Singapore Ptd Ltd

Wines served for the Evening:

  • Penfolds Koonuga Hill Autumn Riesling
  • Penfolds 2 Shiraz Mourverdre
  1. Le Caviar Imperial – by Chef Joel Robuchon
  2. Steamed Marble Goby – by Chef Sam Leong
  3. Double-Boiled Cordyceps Flower – by Chef Li Kwok Kwong
  4. Slow Cooked Salmon Roulade, Hokkaido Scallop & Fried Octopus – by Chef Cat Cora
  5. Beef Short Rib – by Chef Douglas Tay
  6. Sweet Temptation – by Chef Kenny Kong


EK YAP Creative Director Photographer www.ekyap.com www.flickr.com/ekyap

EK YAP Creative Director Photographer www.ekyap.com www.flickr.com/ekyap

EK YAP Creative Director Photographer www.ekyap.com www.flickr.com/ekyap

EK YAP Creative Director Photographer www.ekyap.com www.flickr.com/ekyap

EK YAP Creative Director Photographer www.ekyap.com www.flickr.com/ekyap

grp photo copy

Meanwhile, for more information on the promotions which ends today, do not hesitate to join in the RWS Food Affair by clicking in the link HERE



The Weekend Khakis – Breathing Chinatown


Working on a dying culture, a dying trade, a dying Heritage.

Singapore has definitely moved and changed so much over the last twenty years. Many of the Singaporean culture, heritage and values have developed because of commercialisation. In fact, looking back, life was much better though we weren’t as advanced as we are now.

Last week, we decided to find back our culture, a Singaporean Chinese culture. So we decided to make a trip down to Chinatown in search of our roots and also, to see how Chinatown has developed since the last time we were there.

Do you Know?

That in the early day when Sir Stamford Raffles and Lieutenant Jackson, the colony engineer, drafted the Town plan in Singapore, the Chinese immigrants were located at the SouthWest of the Singapore River?


Interestingly, the dialect segregation also had an unintended effect on commerce in Chinatown – business owners, either for the convenience of communication or the comfort of the familiar, would often hire workers of their own dialect. This eventually led to trades being dominated by particular dialect groups:

The Hokkien, among the earliest to arrive in Singapore, took on trade and commerce and came to dominate as business owners.
The Teochew specialised in agriculture, with many making their fortunes from gambier and pepper.The Cantonese became miners and artisans, taking on occupations such as bricklayers, carpenters, woodcutters, tailors, jewellers and goldsmiths.

Like the Cantonese, the Hakkas worked in craft-related occupations but also dominated the niche trade of pawn broking.

The Hainanese were among the latest to arrive and had fewer options – they entered the service industries, and specialised in occupations associated with food and beverage, such as coffee stall holders, assistants, bakers, barmen and waiters. – No wonder i am in the F&B trade! 

After the war, Chinatown gradually recovered and even flourished, entering into its ‘golden age’ in the 50s. She began to take on a character and popularity of her own. She became the ‘in-place’ for everything; people came here to get their marketing done, find the latest cut of cheongsam, get their fortunes told, celebrate festivals and meet their friends over dimsum. The streets thronged with all sorts – storytellers, streetside wayang, fortune tellers, hawkers, peddlers and travelling medicinal salesmen. The sights and sounds of Chinatown’s streets were the tales of early tourists and marked on postcards sent around the world.


Soon, modernity came knocking. By the time the 70-80s came around, the rest of Singapore was changing. Public apartments were built in mass, allowing Singaporeans to break away from the cramped squalor and live in comfort. People moved out of shophouses and into new, high-rise flats built by the government – and Chinatown was no exception. Even the street stalls were relocated into the purpose-built Chinatown Complex.



The charm of Chinatown seems to be lost, opening up to commercialisation, the vibe that we used to get when we were young seems to be diminishing. More and more developments and changes to meet the ever-growing influx of people coming into Singapore, perhaps one day we’ll lose everything. Probably it’ll just be another plot of land, a piece of land that we use to build homes, high-rise buildings and offices.

As for now, enjoy while you can!


*P.s. In case you’re thinking why Ms. Small Girl has such big and rough fingers, that’s just me “hijacking” her self shot! Hahaha@@

Thoughts of the Day – A Singaporean Diary


Somehow, i don’t blame Singaporeans for not pursuing their Passion. To a certain extend, some may agree with me that Passion can’t feed you (at least in Singapore), others might be fortunate enough to be finding their passion in something that hands out a solid pay-check.

On the contrary, some might disagree to this post and choose to say that it’s all about being satisfied with what you have. However, humans are never easily satisfied isn’t it? It’s our nature to be competitive and moving-forward instead of backwards or being at a constant. Unless you’re so sure that inflation in Singapore will fall or remain constant, then perhaps you might be right about being satisfied with what you have now.


If NO, stop giving yourself excuses and say that you should be satisfied with what you have, passion can always be pursued, but one just have to be realistic and be OBJECTIVE instead of SUBJECTIVE.

*this is not meant to relate to anyone or anybody, it’s just my own thoughts.

Next on TDM, The Weekend Khakis in Chinatown!!


Alternative Investment & Passive Income


Have you considered having money cashing into your account while you’re deep in sleep?

Or have you considered having an alternative investment?

Earning your Interest in Banks? Perhaps not…

Let’s take a look at the interest rates of our banks in Singapore (Fixed Deposits).


Commonly, many middle-income Singaporean, would be looking at depositing a fixed deposit of about 10K-50K at any given time. So, the highest interest rate we can see from the graph above is probably from the Bank of China or Standard Chartered at about 1.18% per annum (min. 12 months).


Let’s do the maths… if we were to invest $30K into a fixed deposit, that means, after 1 year of “safekeeping” it in a bank, we will be looking at earning a pathetic sum of $354 dollars.

For some of you, WOW! That’s good money huh?!

But let’s take a look at Singapore’s Inflation rate per year at the graph below:


An average of 5% per year, so what make you think that with a 1.18% interest rate over a year of fixed-deposits would do you any good? So do you think you’re even earning anything?

Perhaps not right?

Well, what if today i tell you that you could perhaps double or triple your interest rates with the same amount of money?

Would you consider it?


The people at Genesis-Global Gems & Jewellery have managed to come out with an Investment plan for you for a period of five years.



“At Genesis-Global, we only deal with diamonds of the highest quality, carefully handpicked by our team of experts, ranging from very rare fancy coloured blues, pinks and yellows, to fancy shaped diamonds and the usual white round brilliant diamonds. 

Every white diamond that we supply bears the ultimate hallmark of excellence in polish, cut and symmetry*, as certified by none other than the World’s leading diamond grading authority, the prestigious Gemological Institute of America (GIA), which adheres to the Kimberley Process.

Such hallmark of excellence, combined with the other aspects, such as top colour and clarity, is the only assurance, by our standards, of the true investment value of a diamond that is worthy of your attention and appreciation.”

Perhaps… Perhaps… Perhaps!

If diamond investment is not your cup of tea, or perhaps you’re thinking if investing in Diamonds is a scam. Do not worry, to ease your worries, Genesis Global Gems & Jewellery is also listed in the Millionaire Magazine and all the diamonds available in-house are GIA certified.

Doesn’t convince you enough? let’s take a while and listen to what CNN MONEY has to say about investing in Diamonds. To watch the Video, click HERE

I’m Keen to know more!

If you’re keen to find out more about an alternative investment or perhaps you’re keen to purchase a piece of diamond studded jewellery for a much lower price, maybe you’re considering to get married and you’re looking for a alternative option or a one-of-a-kind diamond ring for your other half.

What’s better then Genesis Global that provides a one-to-one; by appointment only consultation that is absolutely FREE!

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