Wine Glass Rental

In The Drinking Market, we pride ourselves by being the market leader for a one-stop solution for glass rentals and Food & Beverage solutions.

For any of our rental requests, kindly fill in the form at the bottom on the page.


Model: Madison Champagne Flute $1.20/pc

7 1/4 oz. (210 ml.)
TD 46 mm.
FD 69 mm.
MD 56 mm.
H 230 mm.
W 185 gms.
Packing 6/24
CBM/CTN 0.037
GW 6 kg.

white wine

Madison White Wine – $1.50/ pc

12 1/4 oz. (350 ml.)
TD 60 mm.
FD 75 mm.
MD 78 mm.
H 210 mm.
W 205 gms.
Packing 6/24
CBM/CTN 0.042
GW 6.5 kg.

red wine

Madison Red Wine – $1.80/pc

15 oz. (425 ml.)
TD 64 mm.
FD 81 mm.
MD 82 mm.
H 224 mm.
W 220 gms.
Packing 6/24
CBM/CTN 0.049
GW 6.8 kg.



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